Teeth Whitening Tips For A Bright Smile.

Yellow teeth are a real embarrassment. In fact, it’s a dent in the otherwise confident personality. But, exposure to excessive amount of caffeine and tobacco, most of the time claims a toll on the health of your teeth. However, a proper tooth care regime can help you get rid of that awkward yellow stains. Check out these easy teeth whitening tips that you can try out right at your home.

Fight against the Stains with Basil Leaves

Regular use of Basil leaves is great for oral care. While protecting your oral cavity from gum diseases like Pyorrhoea, it also helps to fight with the yellow stains on the teeth. Mix dried Basil leaves with your regular toothpaste and brush your teeth thoroughly. Wash your mouth with water after 15 minutes. Using it for a month will remove yellow stains and bad breath at the same time.

Resort to the Age-old Tradition of Using Tree Twigs

The age old tradition of using tree twigs for oral hygiene is revered even today. This is one of the most popular teeth whitening tips that is being popularised by Ayurveda. Chew these twigs or use it like your toothbrush. In every way these ancient traditions will help you get rid of the yellowish teeth. The extracts of Babool Tree (Acacia Arabica), roots of Banyan tree (Ficus religiosa) and the twigs of Neem or Margosa (Azadirachtha indica) are considered the most tooth-friendly natural medicine. Stuffed with astringent properties, they also come with enormous antiseptic qualities.

Get Pearly White Teeth with Baking Soda

Whitening teeth using baking soda is one of the most popular home remedies for yellow teeth. This extremely effective remedy not only fights away the topical yellow stains from the teeth, but also kills plaques and other harmful agents. Mix adequate amount of baking soda with lemon juice to form a thick paste. Use it every day to get noticeable results, which will be visible within a fortnight. But, you must stop using this natural teeth whitening tips, once you start getting good results. Keep in mind that overuse of baking soda can end up with the permanent damage of the teeth enamel over the course of time.

Use Banana Peel on Stained Teeth

Among the most popular teeth whitening tips, this one is highly talked about in the recent times. Whitening your teeth with Banana peel is truly effective. All you need is the inner part of the Banana peel, which you have to rub on your teeth for about two minutes. The huge deposits of natural minerals in the peel (for example: magnesium, potassium and manganese) get absorbed into your teeth and gradually remove the stains while maintaining your dental hygiene. Repeat this procedure every night before hitting the bed. Within a month, this remedy will give you amazing results.

The Super Tip:

No matter how much you follow these effective teeth whitening tips, it’s important to include daily brushing and cleaning of your teeth in your dental care regime. This will help you to maintain a great oral health and also improve the quality of your smile.