Weight loss fruit – “Pears”

Sweet and juicy, pears are known to be one of the best health-foods you can find. They have a high fiber content that aids the digestive system, while also helping to reduce blood sugar levels, blood pressure and the dreaded bloat. But did you know that pears can also help whittle your waistline and aid in weight loss?

Here are 4 reasons you need to start eating pears right away!

  1. High Fiber Fruit

Pears have high fiber and the skin contains most of this fiber content. You get 6gm of high quality fiber for every medium-sized pear, which will help to regulate optimum functioning of the digestive system and eliminate bloating and constipation. In fact, pectin found in pears has mild laxative effects and is also a mild diuretic, helping your body eliminate toxins and regulate healthy bowel movements. What is better, a high fiber diet keeps you feeling full for longer too!

  1. Great Source of Vitamins

Pears are a great source for C, K, B2, B3 and B6 vitamins, and weight loss making them nature’s very own Health Food. Vitamin C can also help to reduce LDL cholesterol and lower blood pressure levels. People who eat pears have an improved nutritional profile, with higher metabolic rate and more energy and stamina to exercise regularly — both of which are important to lose weight.

  1. Natural Energy Boost

If you want a great low-calorie pre or post workout snack, look no further – pears give you a natural energy boost with their high glucose and fructose content. These carbs are slowly absorbed into the blood stream to keep the undesired spike and fall in blood sugar levels at bay. In fact, despite having just 60 calories per piece, pears are very rich in a plethora of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that boost immunity, regulate healthy metabolism and protect your body from the attack of free radicals. Plus these are so easy to eat-on-the-go before or after your workout!

  1. Reduce Inflammation

If you work out regularly, muscle wear and tear with inflammation is common. Pear skin contains ‘Quercetin’ that helps to reduce inflammation. Eat a few pears a day, and improve your bone and joint health too. ‘Boron’ in pears is great for bone health as well as muscle growth. All these factors enhance your physical strength and your body’s healing capabilities, making regular workouts less hard on your body.


Also, if you are at high risk to cardiovascular disease or diabetes, eating a pear a day will certainly keep the doctor away! Pears are great for diabetes management and can also reduce risk for kidney stones. It’s highly revered for its cancer-preventing abilities too, while being a hypoallergenic fruit. Believe it when we say, pears are an underrated Superstar you need to start eating right away!Pears and weight loss go hand in hand.