Weekend Party Survival Tips

So the time has come once more to be social again. While we don’t want you to remain cooped up indoors, we would also not like to see a huge derailment in your fitness and health regime as you enjoy the long weekend party on this week of the month.

So here are some golden tips to get you through:

Tip #1: Plan In Advance

On the night that you are attending the party, ensure that you feed yourself with a hearty breakfast, some mid-morning fruits and a good lunch- before you set the floor on fire. This will help in eliminating the effects of the night time partying by the glorious grubs that you have consumed before sundown.

Tip #2: Drink Plenty Of Water

As party meals are often heavy on salt, it’s the exact reason as to why you often find yourself bloated and puffy after the party is over. The best remedy for this is to keep sipping water as much as possible. ‘Adam’s ale’ aka water, not only helps in removing the excess salt and toxins from your body, but it also makes you feel energized. Even more, water also aids in keeping you alert; so that when someone would attempt to have a conversation, you can come with a quick and witty response, instead of a tired smile.

Tip #3: Schedule A Light And Early Dinner

Nibble on appetizers at the party, which will ensure that you don’t overfeed yourself later on.

Tip #4: Exercise

It’s best not to jump into a tough workout after a heavy night of partying. Strenuous morning exercises often leave you drained out after late night parties.  Performing small and easy stretching exercises at home for 10-15 minutes or taking a stroll for 30 minutes can always make you feel good, instead of sitting on the couch with a bad hangover.

Tip #5: Be Pragmatic

You are absolutely wrong if you are thinking that an 8:00 pm early dinner will hold you through the night. Cut the delusion. If you’re going to stay up till 3:00 am you will surely be wolfing down everything in sight as the clock strikes 2:00 am. So be smart and allow yourself a midnight snack. Preferably one that isn’t too oily and fried.

Tip #6: Monitor Your Speed And Easy On The Alcohol

Go slow while eating and drinking while enjoying a late night party. Don’t force feed yourself and deter from drinking excessively at one go. Sip your drinks slowly and keep reminding yourself to have a glass of water for every glass of alcohol- it helps to reduce the chances of having a hangover.

Tip #7: Be Judicious With Buffet Spreads

Scan the party buffet at least 3 times. If there are 10 items you like, shortlist and select 3 winners. Only grab your plate after you have selected these 3 foods and leave the rest for your next weekend party night.

Happy Weekend And Enjoy Your Weekend Party!!!