Sleeping Braless Or With It !!

Predictably enough, there’s plenty of wiles and opinions revolving around the notion of sleeping in a bra or sleeping braless. There are women who get instantly recoiled by the idea- considering a tight fitting bra will create discomfort during sleep. Then there are fitness freaks who think wearing a bra while sleeping will give the breasts an extra support and prevent them from sagging. While there are countless confusions around this topic, weighing the possible benefits of bra and the associated health risks needs several considerations. Moreover, several research suggesting that wearing a bra while sleeping can potentially increase the risk of breast cancer. So, which of the claims are true needs to be explored.

Let’s See What the Experts Say:

The concept of sleeping braless, takes shape from the apparent discomfort that one usually face while sleeping in a tight fitting bra. Outside that annoying discomfort, a tight fitting bra comes with many different shortfalls, especially when you sleep. But, there’s another way around. According to the leading breast cancer surgeons, wearing a bra during sleep is actually beneficial. Here’s a list of debunked myths about wearing a bra during sleep.

  • Sleeping in a bra impedes blood circulation- Well, yes! A tight fitting underwired bra surely does this, but, if you are wearing a soft cup snugly fit bra, your sleeping hours will be more comfortable. While providing a good support to your breasts, a soft fitting bra will never restrict circulation. Rather, it will give your pectoral muscle the required support. While weighing the benefits of bra, you must take this point into account.
  • Wearing a bra cause skin irritation- Yes it does when there’s no breathing space between your skin and the bra cloth. As a result, the sweat and moisture in that area don’t get dried and consequently dirt and grime starts thriving. The constant friction of the tight cloth also creates a favourable environment for the germs to thrive. The result is skin irritation and sometimes the development of cysts and lesions in the affected area. The best hack is to use a soft-cup loosely fit cotton bra while sleeping.
  • Bra wires cause hyperpigmentation- Braless fashion comes into the trend from the concept that the underwire in a bra causes hyperpigmentation. The idea is somewhat true, but keep in mind that this happens only when the wire of your bra sits firmly on the skin. Consistently using a wired bra especially during sleep can cause hyperpigmentation and skin irritation, which will be difficult to eliminate in the long run.

What’s The Truth?

According to the experts, it’s the discomfort that has actually triggered the concept of braless fashion in most women. Sleeping braless at night does not actually come with any additional benefits. In fact, the experts are highly talking about the benefits of wearing a bra during the extended hours of sleep. But they are concerned about the correct fit, because a braless living is way better than sleeping in an ill-fit bra. An ill-fit bra can give you all the possible disorders and potential health risks of wearing a bra during sleep.

The Verdict

There’s no straight connection between sleeping in a bra and potential health hazards, but make sure that what you are wearing during that extended hours of sleep can actually provide your breasts an unhindered support.