Calm A Fussy Baby

She might be your little sunshine, but a fussy baby at night is every new parent’s nightmare. When you’re sleep deprived yourself, it’s easy to lose your grip on coherent thought with a fussy baby.At the first sign of a fussy baby, meaning that your little one is cranky, restless and raising a storm when she should be peacefully sleeping, every parent goes through a drill. Diaper is checked, you make sure the baby isn’t too hot or too cold, you try feeding the baby lest she’s actually hungry and you sing the lullaby that usually soothes the baby.

But how to soothe a crying baby when you’ve done all this and the baby is still bringing down the roof? The unfortunate truth is that baby sometimes cries for reasons not apparent to you. After all, it’s the only way the baby knows how to communicate!

Try these true tips to soothe the baby back to sleep.

 Offer a Binky

Little babies love a binky. It’s their friend, and that’s why they’re called pacifiers! Binkies comfort baby by satisfying the sucking reflex, so you’re not having to breastfeed 24/7. And it’s perfectly alright for the baby to fall asleep with one in her mouth. Once the baby is older and has learned more methods of self-soothing, you can wean him/her off the binky.

 Rock-a-Bye Baby

Rocking your little one is also an excellent method to soothe a fussy baby. Some babies seem to find solace in the low rumbling and smooth motion of a moving vehicle, so a drive around the neighbourhood is a good idea. You can also put the baby in her car-seat and rock it back-and-forth in a darkened room, immolating the motions of a moving vehicle.

 Perfect The Swaddle

Newborns miss the comfort of the uterus; a large crib can make them feel less secure and warm. Perfect the swaddle so that the baby feels cocooned, and cannot flail arms and legs. Look for easy-to-use swaddle suits or blankets specifically made for the purpose, so the size is just right. Light, breathable fabrics are best for spring and summer weather, and warmer weaves are ideal for chilly nights.

 Create White Noise

Noises of vacuuming, cooking and cleaning are all familiar sounds to the baby. She is reliving her peaceful existence in the womb, a surprisingly noisy place. To help at bedtime, consider using a white noise machine to deliver the sound of crashing waves or falling rain.

 Try a Good Snuggle

Skin-to-skin contact is important to a newborn baby’s well-being, especially in the beginning. It’s also an excellent method to soothe her when she’s crying. She is nestled in and warm, listening to your heartbeat when she’s pressed against your chest. Hold her in different positions—tummy up, tummy down, head on your shoulder—as long as her head and core are properly supported. If stationary snuggling isn’t enough to calm her cries, try gentle, rhythmic bouncing, swaying or rocking.

Just soothing them is not enough,you must be careful about their immunization even.