Warning Signs of a Stroke Attack

Just because movies demonstrate a stroke attack with a man tightly clutching his chest and falling down, it’s not always true. Because stroke attacks, though seem pretty sudden, actually create warning signs from the very beginning. Heart attacks start slowly and disrupt the biological functions inside. Sometimes, there’s no pain at all and you simply have no idea of getting a stroke, until there’s a severe attack. So, it’s better to take steps before it’s too late. Check for these caution symptoms to prevent this unfortunate event.

Pressure on Your Chest

While this is the most significant symptom of an approaching stroke attack, this is not true in all cases. Instead you can experience mild pain in your chest. Women might face a burning sensation inside chest, which they tend to confuse with an acid reflux. However, most of the time, this is the warning symptom of an arterial blockage.

 Coughs and Wheezing

A consistent cough or wheezing is a tell-tale sign of a failing heart. This usually happens when mucus and fluid gets into the lungs. There are several instances where people have coughed up phlegm with blood.


Anxiety and fear of death are signs of imminent doom. People with cardiovascular disease often face a surge in anxiety before getting an attack.

Fatigue and Tiredness

This usually happens with women, who face a peculiar kind of tiredness and fatigue just a few days/weeks before getting an attack. heart attack or days or weeks before having one. May be there’s some other reason for this, but a wise idea is to run to a doctor to rule out the risk.

Nausea and Loss of Appetite

Throwing up and an upset tummy is pretty common before you get a cardiac arrest. What happens mostly is your belly get swelled up due to gas formation, which simply blocks your appetite.


The pain that starts in the chest usually radiates in the areas adjacent to the chest and shoulders. In due course, pain spreads in the arms, back, neck, jaws, face and abdomen. Sometimes, there’s no pain in the chest, instead it’s in other parts of the body. Do visit a doctor, if you face such problems.

Breathlessness and a Pounding Heart

Those who do not experience chest pains might complain about severe breathlessness. May be the victim have not done much of physical work, but if he is suffering from cardiovascular complaints, he will soon feel like he has just run a marathon or climbed 20 floors through stairs. The shortness of breath can come with discomfort in chest.

Sweating Intensely

A cold sweat is a usual symptom of heart failure. If you are approaching a severe attack in near future, there will be series of cold sweating sessions even when you are sitting and relaxing.

The Takeaway…

A drastic lifestyle these days has made cardiac arrest a commonplace phenomenon. While these signs do not always talk about an approaching stroke attack, these are definitely a caution signs. So, if you are facing such problems, do not forget to visit your physician at the earliest.