Walnut Shell Remedy for Iodine Deficiency

Iodine deficiency is one the most three commonly found nutritional insufficiencies, along with Vitamin D and magnesium. Although many a people think it’s not a matter of serious concern, but Iodine is one of the most essential elements that is required for proper functioning of our body. Iodine is the key for an effective metabolism and a healthy thyroid, since it comprises a greater part of the molecule found in the thyroid hormone, called Thyroxin.

Per say, Iodine performs four very crucial functions in the human body, like:

  1. Brain development in infants and children.
  2. Stabilization of body weight and metabolism.
  3. Fertility
  4. As a potential anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti- cancer, anti-parasitic agent Iodine helps in optimizing our immune system.

So if you have an Iodine deficiency, you are not only at a risk of thyroid disease, but you can also get affected with fibrocystic breast disease, obesity, breast and prostate cancer. Iodine has also been linked to delayed development and mental retardation of children in India and even across the globe.

Now, that you have learnt how serious Iodine deficiency can prove to be in our lives, here are a few symptoms that can help you to monitor your iodine level at home.

It has been generally found that persons who suffer from Iodine deficiency usually feels tired and fatigued. They also in several conditions show symptoms of excessive sweating, shaking hands, high blood pressure, difficulty in losing weight, insomnia, dry skin and so on. Hence, if you register any more than one of these above stated symptoms, it’s most likely that you too are a sufferer of this ailment.

Although getting a radioactive iodine uptake testing done is the most scientific way of catching up with a deficiency of iodine in our body. Here is a simple test that you can perform even at your home, if you suspect Iodine deficiency in yourself.
Before going off to sleep, apply some iodine on your elbows before bedtime. Now, if you get up in the morning and find your elbows dry, and discover that the Iodine has been absorbed by your body, it’s a telltale sign that you might be lacking Iodine in yourself.

As we have already stated the pretty serious consequences of the lack of this vital element in our body, always consult a doctor in case of this ailment.

Apart from your doctor’s medicines, you can also follow a natural recipe, which has proved most effective in the treatment of this condition.

Walnut shell remedy for Iodine Deficiency:

Put half a cup of walnut shell in a small pot. Next, pour three cups of water in the pot and bring the mixture to a boil. After boiling for 10 minutes, set it aside to cool off and leave it in a dark and dry place.
Sip this medicated drink before every meal for a period of four months. It is guaranteed, your iodine level will spur up within a month.