Does Your Urine Colour Say Anything about Your Health?

Can you remember the last time when you looked back at the toilet after peeing? Obviously you don’t, because, looking back at your pee is not something very usual. But, do you know your pee is a key indicator of what’s going on inside your body? Turns out, urine colour says a lot about your health, according to the recent studies. So, from the next time when you pee, just keep an eye on its colour and discover everything that’s going on inside your body.

Here, we have a list of seven different colours (yes your urine is that colourful) that you might possibly see in your loo and what they mean.

Transparent Clear Urine

While a crystal clear urine signals a good health most of the time, it’s also a warning sign of diabetes. Look for the other symptoms of diabetes, such as increased appetite, thirst and frequent urination, if you are having transparent urine every time. Otherwise, it’s just an outcome of over-hydration and for this you need to limit your water consumption a little, so as to relieve that extra pressure from your kidneys.

Pale Yellow Urine

That’s what we must be aiming for always. Healthy body produces urine that’s not too dark, neither too clear. The straw yellow colour is the sign of an optimally hydrated body. Keep in mind, the toxic elements of your body gets excreted through your urine and when it’s too clear, it means that the excretory organs inside your body can’t properly function. May be it’s due to any chronic disease like diabetes, but it can also be the result of poor hydration. See your doctor, if you notice such problems.

Bright Yellow Urine

Blame the B-vitamins, if your pee is bright yellow. As you are exposed to UV rays, the Riboflavin (B2), the natural B-vitamin in your body gets activated and makes your pee a little bright yellow.

Dark Yellow Urine

See your doctor immediately if your urine colour is dark yellow. It’s a flawless indicator of Hepatitis. Also, it indicates that your body is not hydrated, thus causing toxic wastes concentrate inside your body. Increase your water consumption to facilitate the physiological process of excretion.

Green Urine

That greenish tinge of urine can be the result of excessive consumption of Asparagus. But, if you are not lucky, your green pee can be the result of urinary tract infection. Spilled up bile inside your body and diarrhoea can also make your urine green.

Brown Urine

Brown urine (no matter, if it’s light or dark) usually signify blood in it, but in many cases it signals potential liver and kidney disorders (which can be as serious as cirrhosis and cancers). See your doctor at the earliest and perform the required tests to rule out this possibility. However, in rare cases, brown urine is the consequence of overworked muscle that releases a substance called myoglobin, which when damaged turns your urine brown.

Pink or Red Urine

It’s a sign of passing blood unless you are having lots of beetroot these days. When it’s accompanied with dull pain and discomfort, it can indicate a potential health hazard like kidney or bladder cancer. Sometimes, urine infection can turn your pee red.

The Endnote

Change in urine colour is pretty normal, but then it can also be a warning sign of potential health risk. So, next time, when you empty your bladder, just make sure you turn back to take a look at your pee. Don’t just hit the flush in a haste.