Discover the unhealthy eating habits

Living alone can be a blessing for those who seek space and privacy after a hectic work-day. You have complete control over what you’ll plan for the evening, what you will watch on TV, and what you will get for dinner. And there…the last point…that’s probably where the problem lies – your unhealthy eating habits.

A recent study conducted by Queensland University of Technology in Australia has taken the world by a storm — Living Alone Is Bad For Your Diet,as it gives wings to your unhealthy eating habits. This study has concluded results after reviewing 41 previously conducted research studies to collate the data and identify the link between poor eating habits and living solo.

The ‘Diet’ Hazards of Living Alone

To some, this may not come as a surprise. Like the study analyses, most people who live alone are less likely to focus on getting together a nutritious meal that emphasizes on fruits and vegetables or the importance of a balanced diet.

Below mentioned are some of the reasons to further assert this theory:

  • Most people living alone are unlikely to cook a nutritious meal from scratch, so they do not eat a healthy quantity of fruits, vegetables and complex cereals in their diet. A diet that lacks in essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and important fiber makes one prone to more diseases.
  • Cooking at home requires too much planning with grocery shopping, searching for recipes and ensuring all the ingredients and tools are available for cooking a meal. It’s far easier to order-in food or eat readymade frozen meals, since they require no planning ahead of time.
  • Cooking is often not an enjoyable solitary activity. Most people like to cook when they entertain or have some company to enjoy the meal. Cooking for one person is often not motivating enough.
  • Cooking a healthy meal for just one person can prove to be an expensive affair. Even when one buy the bare minimum amount of fruits, vegetables and fresh meats, the food is likely to spoil much faster when the rate of consumption isn’t high. Missing even one meal at home may mean wastage of groceries and hence, money.

Fixing the Problem

While all the above mentioned points are true, there is a way around this. Living alone doesn’t have to mean you adapt unhealthy eating habits or diet. Today, you can find a wide variety of recipes online that help you prepare a meal just for one person, and give you a fair idea of ingredient quantities.

They key to eating a healthy diet is ‘planning’. Aim to eat at least 2 nutritious meals at home every day and plan for them a week in advance. Keep the menu fairly simple. Plan your menu keeping in mind that the same vegetables and meats can easily be added to two different dishes over two days without bearing with the monotony of eating the same thing over two days.

Also, try to make cooking an enjoyable activity. Put on some music, video chat with your friends or listen to an audio-book while you cook.