Undo The Damage Of Daylong Sitting With Easy Exercises

Working in a techno-service economy comes with its own baggage. Because you spend most of your waking hours planted in front of your computer and Smartphone, you are into an obvious state of stasis. Well, that’s for making money of course, but would you like to spend that hard-earned money to deal with the damages of sitting? Well, No!
So before it’s too late, act.
You’ll be happy to learn that there are easy exercises to keep the damages of sitting at bay, plus the exercises, also boost your calorie burn. And all you need for this is a simple office chair.

  1. Chair Slides

Benefits:  Stimulates the hip and relieves stiffness from the lower back and thighs.

It’s easy to perform this exercise on a chair with wheels. Simply sit and extend both legs forward with toes up and heels touching the floor. Sit on the chair, keeping the whole body at rest. Now press your heels onto the floor and bend your knees. In this position, try to bring the chair toward your feet. Extend your legs again and repeat. If you are using a sturdy wooden chair, place your heels on a towel and try pulling it towards your chair. Keep your legs straightened and slide the towel again to return to the starting position. Usually 5 repetitions are recommended for this exercise.

  1. Arm Circles

Benefits: Tightens the arm muscle and stretches your back.

Form a T shape by raising your arms straight to your either sides. Now push down the shoulder blades together. Spread arms with palms down, so that the thumbs face front. In this position, practice 20 forward circles with the arms. Now perform the reverse with your palms turning up and the thumbs facing behind. Perform 20 backward circles with your arms. Repeat this exercise thrice in a row.

  1. Warrior 2 with Chair

Benefits: Tones your leg and eliminate the stiffness of the hips and thighs.

For this exercise, turn your right leg at a 90 degree right angle and thrust horizontally over the chair. But, make sure that the back of the right leg is fully touching the chair. If the chair is too short, place a few pleated towels on the seat, so that it reaches the desired height. Now extend the back (left) leg straight with the foot turned slightly to the side. Now stretch your arms straight out from the centre. Count 10 in this position and practice deep breathing. Do the same with left leg and repeat it thrice.

The only harm chairs and couches do to us is that they support our body weight.  That too in such a way that the hips, ankles and legs develop stiffness and our muscle weakens with the passing of time. The easiest remedy to deal with this is to practice simple exercises, so that your body does not get caught up in the stasis anymore.

A Last-Minute Tip:

A sturdy wooden chair is the best recommended prop to perform these exercises.