Treat Stroke Instantly with Chinese Acupuncture

During a stroke every minute counts. Sometimes, you don’t even have enough time to call up an ambulance and you are simply left with no choice but to see the victim dying in front of your eyes. Well, now you can think differently.  According to the Chinese experts, there are some emergency acupuncture tricks, which can work wonders when implemented rightly.

Here’s an emergency guide to help you take the right steps immediately when someone is affected with Cerebral Stroke.

  • During cerebral stroke, the blood pressure of the affected person tends to rise suddenly. Which often results in intra-cerebral bleeding. At this stage, the person needs immediate first aid and an extended period of rest, so that the bleeding stops quickly.
  • In case, it’s too late to shift the patient to hospital (since movement can worsen the condition of cerebral haemorrhage) start the emergency care at home. All you need is a sharp head needle, sterilized by burning the needle head over fire, before using.
  • Now prick the soft part of all the 10 fingers just below the nails, with the sterilized needle, so that enough blood flows out from them. Wait for few minutes until the victim feels a little better.
  • Cerebral haemorrhage also often results in deformity of face and paralysis. To prevent these symptoms, massage the ears of the stroke victim intensely. It helps in stabilising the blood circulation in that area. Once the ears turn reddish, prick the earlobes with the same sterilized needle that you have already used to prick the fingers. Make sure enough blood is coming out from the earlobes. Then as soon as the victim’s face becomes normal, rush him to the hospital as soon as he feels little better.


According to the Chinese experts, this acupuncture therapy for treating stroke is highly effective.  In fact, this ad hoc emergency aid has proved 100% success rate in China.
Recently, this procedure has also been included in the mainstream emergency treatment procedure for stroke.

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