Most Top Rated Healthcare Tips

The year 2016 saw many fitness and lots of healthcare tips emerging. And while many of them are here to stay, one can safely assume that CrossFit training, herbal dietary supplements, a protein heavy diet, and new & improved energy bars and sports drinks created a major hype.

However, like with all things that rise to fame too soon, these new health trends raised a few nagging questions in the minds of health-savvy consumers. So, before the year is over, let us answer the 5 top rated health trend questions for you and settle this for good!

 Is CrossFit Really All That Good For You?

There is no denying it: CrossFit is the king of bodybuilding – a versatile strength building and conditioning program. But the problem is that this is too high intensity a program for someone with low levels of fitness. Beginners cannot expect to suddenly reap the benefits of CrossFit training; that will only result in repeated injury. It’s one of the primary reasons why many fitness enthusiasts consider CrossFit as ‘dangerous’. It’s not; not if you only veer into this direction after gaining a clearer understanding of your own strength, good form and never rushing your body when it isn’t ready.

 Do You Really Need a High Protein Diet?

Whether you want to read about health based eating trends or diets for losing weight, the words ‘eat a high protein diet’ always seem to jump out at you. But do we all really need to forgo all plant-based food items and focus primarily on lean meats? Absolutely not! If you are looking to build muscle mass, you need the extra protein to supply a regular stream of amino acids to your growing muscles. But for most of us regular folks, a balanced ratio between Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats is a good enough approach towards a healthy diet.

 How To Avoid Injuries While Training?

Whether you want to try CrossFit or want to dabble in some Aerial Yoga, never try out a new fitness routine without seeking expert advice. Poor form is the No.1 culprit for fitness related injuries, and are easily avoided if you join a fitness class or hire a personal trainer. The best rule of thumb is to listen to your body and never overdo any workout – be that Pilates, a mobile app based Couch-to-5K run, or a simple strength training routine at home.

 Are Herbal Supplements Really Free From Risks and Side Effects?

No, they are not. The problem with most herbal supplements is that there are no set specific regulations to follow, and that means many of these come with no guarantees of safety or even quality. However, some herbal supplements are very good for specific problems. The best way to add new supplements to your diet is to do a thorough research, seek the advice of an Ayurvedic expert, and add them slowly into your diet so you can gauge their benefits.

 Is There Any Merit In Consuming Energy Bars and Sports Drinks?

Not really. Not everyone needs sports drinks or energy bars in order to attain better health. Yes, these are good for endurance athletes as sports drinks help them replace electrolytes at a faster pace, and energy bars replace carbs quickly in-between training. But if you are not training for a marathon or triathlon, you will be better off rehydrating with water and eating small portions of traditional pre-workout as well as post-workout snacks.