Tackle Your Winter Hair Woes With These Handy Tips

Dry leaves flutter past and dot the roads, even as you despairingly clutch clumps of your hair falling out and littering the bathroom floor. It’s that time of the year again when everything decides to curl up in the cold and die a little, including your hair. Cold cream slathered on, bundled up in warm jackets, bottles of Vaseline tucked away into little nooks in cavernous bags but what about your hair? It’s bad enough tackling our hair into place on normal days without having to deal with hidden grease and scruffy hair during winters. Here are some wise tips from trichologists for you to turn that dry hair stack into a lustrous mane of wow.

Keep those normal hair tresses in shape

Those icy winter breezes aren’t doing your hair any favours, stripping them of their natural moisture. As tempting as it may feel to step into scalding showers, they are never good for your hair. Go for lukewarm water instead and make sure to use a good nourishing shampoo and conditioner to leave your hair hydrated. Hair masks and salon spas will keep your hair silky soft and prevent those terrifying knots which take ages to detangle. An anti-frizz serum will keep your hair moisturised and in place. Drying your hair with hair dryers might seem the natural thing to do in winters but this strips your hair of its natural moisture.


Soothe your poker straight hair into submission

Straight hair is relatively low maintenance but the unforgiving winter winds can turn it brittle and dry. Invest in spa treatments to keep the scalp hydrated and the hair shiny. Sulphate free shampoos are your best bet during this time of the year. Go a step further and get a hydrating serum to coat your hair in after rinsing for stronger hair with silky smoothness. Ditch your regular towels for micro fiber towels for toweling your hair dry. Normal towels are harsher to your hair resulting in breakage and consequent tears. Sport those suave silk hats instead of woolen ones to cut down on friction and resultant snapping of hair.


Coaxing your curly hair into form

It isn’t fun when your beautiful curls start drying out and resemble a clumpy mop. Curly haired people have it worse as they need to stay away from hair dryers which dry out hair faster even though wet curly hair breeds stickiness. Make sure you oil your hair regularly to keep it moisturised and use fiber towels instead of regular ones to prevent roughness. That anti frizz serum will come in handy in styling those locks into shape as well keeping it hydrated and bouncy. Water is always a miracle worker so make sure you drink lots of it to keep your hair and body hydrated.


Contain the damage caused to dry hair

Nobody likes stroking a thorny mane of hair and yet winters turn dry hair into exactly that. Step up for some serious damage control by using a protectant hairspray to help dry hair combat drying wintry wind and stay luscious. Massage some aloe and Shea butter into your scalp for some good old conditioning. Jojoba and olive oil massages for your tresses will work wonders in nourishing your hair. Hands off that fatty doughnut because stylists say that an unhealthy body leads to unhealthy, limp hair. We gorge on a lot of food during the winters which lead to hormonal imbalances within the body. As a result, we shed more hair which add to our hair woes. Drink water and healthy liquids along with a balanced diet for a beautiful mane.


Keeping those kinky locks in control

Kinky hair is like combination hair, curly and frizzy and dry all rolled into one. Kinky hair is rare to find and leaves many baffled when it comes down to taking care of it. Thankfully, this kind of hair needs less washing and more cleansing. Use a clarifying conditioner before you step out to keep your tresses hydrated. Combing this kind of hair is an intimidating task, as this kind of hair tends to get into nasty clumps but fear not and use a scalp nourishing serum for a healthier scalp which reduces itching. Keep your locks moisturised to maintain its volume and shine. Try styling you hair protectively into braids as leaving it open attracts more dirt. Trimming for split ends regularly will leave your hair in better health.


Ladies, it’s hard enough as is without adding to our hair woes so keep warm, keep cosy and keep looking great with these handy hair tips.