Sugar side effects – quit sugar

As Indians, we are wired to love sugar. We love it in our morning chai, we love sugar sprinkled cookies, we add hefty spoonfuls to our breakfast porridge, and we binge on sugary sweet desserts after every meal. But here is the truth – quit sugar so that it will bring out a stupendous positive change in your health and well-being. Lets have a look at the sugar side effects.

The most important thing to know here is that not all sugar is bad. Natural sugars found in dairy and fruits are actually good for you; it’s the white sugar you add to other foods that’s the problem. In fact, we don’t need all that added sugar in our diet at all. Naturally occurring sugar in fruits, honey, vegetables, nuts and milk is enough for the body. Excess sugar only makes you feel exhausted, compromises the immune system, slows you down and wrecks havoc on your hormones.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to quit sugar right away.

  1. It Slows You Down

Don’t add extra sugar to your morning breakfast cereal and tea/coffee, and you will find that you no longer suffer from that ‘post-lunch slump’. Sugar side effects wrecks on hormones and makes you feel sluggish as it interferes with normal insulin levels and energy levels. All those energy ups and downs you suffer from come from changing blood sugar levels in your body. Excess sugar intake taxes the liver and pancreas as they work harder to process all the sugar, depleting you of usable energy in the process.

  1. It Aids Weight Gain

No matter how often you workout (or don’t), eating sugar actually makes you crave more sugar. Believe it or not, sugar added to junk food is reported to be 8 times more addictive than cocaine, according to studies. Also, it stresses the pancreas to produce higher quantities of insulin, and hence other hormones that regulate appetite, weight gain, metabolism, digestion and stress suffer imbalances. The result – you overeat much more often.

  1. It Suppresses Mental Clarity

Quitting sugar can help maintain stable blood sugar levels and also boost memory. You’ll be better able to focus and concentrate since you have more useable energy. Excess sugar intake brings with it sluggishness, anxiety, moodiness and emotional upheaval, as your hormone levels are forever fluctuating. Stable blood sugar levels keep you feeling a lot calmer, clearer and more focused.

  1. It Causes Skin Irritation

Many nutritionalists believe that quitting sugar is the easiest way to have clearer, glowing skin. It also ages the skin. Sugar reacts with the protein found in cells to accelerate AGEs or advanced glycation end-products that causes more wrinkles and fine lines. Quit the white stuff, and your skin will look smoother and less blemished within days.

  1. It Reduces Your Immunity
  2. Research done by in 1970s by Linus Pauling proved that excessive sugar intake compromises the immune system. The basic sugar side effects is that it has a temporary ‘pain killing’ effect that we seek out, but in the long run it encourages inflammation and attacks the immune system in dramatic ways. Eating a sugary treat reduces your immunity for the next 4-6 hours!