Stressed With 500/1000 Cash??

The blatant war against black money has apparently thrown common people into a harrowing time since the last two days. While it’s a realistic and probably the most effective measure against the flourishing business of junk cash, at the same time it frustrates the mass by making the day-to-day transaction literally impossible. If you are also a victim (let’s just say, a common man who has just become a circumstantial quarry) and fretting over your existing cash, let us tell you that things will be fine and seamless in the next few days. But, the way you are worrying and vexing yourself over this annoying thought of being bankrupt, will have a lasting impact on your body and mind. So, Team Careclues has some easy ways to soothe your troubled mind.

Get right kind of support

Well, the decision of the government is apparently quick and hasty, but then you can always access the support system offered by them. To relieve your stress, get the right kind of support, first of all. Talk to the concerned person (or agencies) and know what needs to be done at this moment. Instead of worrying about your hard earned money or cash, give you troubled mind some kind of rest. Keep in mind that other people are also facing the same problem like yours. Stressing yourself won’t be a solution.

Stop Freaking Out

It’s easy to let your feelings go wild when you’re upset. It’s easier to get angry but don’t maximise it by unnecessarily stressing over your condition. Stop freaking out and think why you are doing this. If money is your only problem, we would suggest you to just stay calm. Keep in mind that your money is in safe hands and getting annoyed over it won’t be of any help. Do breathing exercises to calm your mind and stay updated about the recent happenings.

Don’t consider yourself unlucky

It’s not you, but the one who getting into an unlawful business. So, take a chill pill. You are lucky because your income is registered. This is an economic exigency which is likely to dissipate within a short span of time. Government has also a convenient provision to manage this short term situation. Stay calm and cool. Remember stress is temporary.

Be positive

Stress is temporary. So, if you are in the middle of stressful situation, remember, it will dissipate soon. Be positive and try to figure out the current problem. Start working to solve it.

The Endnote

The tough times of financial crunch will disappear soon. So, stay cool and wait for the right time to come. Keep in mind that staying stress free is the only way to enjoy your life, because certain things are not in your hands. Let the time take control of it.