Stop Thumbsucking Babies with Easy Steps

Thumbsucking in babies is pretty common, but as he grows up thumb sucking can become a difficult habit for your kid. In fact, during his school days, he can also be a laughing stock of his friends just for this habit. So, it’s important to help him quit this habit before he reaches his school going age. Here’s what you can do as his mother.

  • Give him positive encouragement

It’s easy to distract your kid from sucking his thumb by encouraging with positive reinforcement. Allow him some extra bedtime or a fun trip to the nearby children’s park, when he isn’t indulging in thumb sucking. Mark the days in the calendar, when he is not sucking his thumb. Also you can use thumbsucking guard to help him quit the habit

  • Find what triggers thumbsucking

Thumbsucking in babies is essentially considered a response to the emotional triggers, for example, stress or anxiety. See, if your toddler has some serious problems like this. Try to provide him enough comfort and support, so that he can easily deal with it. If the problems continue to persist, you can consult a psychiatrist also. Sometimes a tight hug and reassuring words have a positive impact on your child.

  • Keep giving your kid a gentle reminder

Sometimes thumbsucking becomes such a habit that your kid does it without any prior thought. In such cases, he is not triggered by any emotional stress. Thumbsucking happens naturally. As a responsible parent, you must remind him to stop doing that. Keep him gently reminding by some hand signal not do so in front of others. Do not scold your child for his embarrassing habit.

Why Children Suck Their Thumbs?

As a parent, you must have a clear idea why your kid is sucking the thumb. Doctors say, when a baby stays in the mother’s womb for nine months, he develops a natural reflex of sucking and rooting. During this phase, they also develop thumbsucking teeth. Thus, thumbsucking makes them feel more secured and allow them to more comfortably go to sleep.

Till When the Habit Usually Last

Thumbsucking in babies usually lasts till their toddler age, though sometimes the habit continues to persist after that. In that case, you have to prepare a child behaviour guide and make your child follow that diligently. Remember, the child who has somehow got out of this habit before his school-going age, can develop this behaviour any time when he is anxious or stressed. So, keep a watch on his emotional state at this phase.