Stop Doing Things That Hurt Your Vagina

You might be one of those unaware folks who do not know that the so-called “intimate cleaning products” are actually putting their vagina to a severe risk of injury. Conventional products like vaginal wipes, creams and douches are extremely harsh to the skin down there and are highly responsible for causing painful vaginal tears. So, here we are to remind you just how delicate your vagina can be and what you should avoid to maintain your vaginal health.

Douching with Peroxide Solution- It’s a Big No

Douching with peroxide solution is one of the most common procedure for vaginal cleaning, but the gynecologists believe that it actually affects the healthy pH balance of your organ; and thus make it exposed to various infections-causing bacteria.  You should know that your vulva naturally secretes thick oils, which safeguard the delicate skin from the secretions and friction. But, when you use harsh cleansers (like peroxide douches or body washes), natural oil is usually scrubbed off.  As a result, the vulva gets more irritated. Worse more, douching washes away good bacteria (required for maintaining a healthy pH) and thus creates a favorable environment for odour- and infection-causing bacteria. So, just keep the cleaning process simple with lukewarm water to keep up your vaginal health.

Feminine Hygiene Products- These Aren’t Hygienic As You Think

Staying clean and fresh can be your fitness mantra, but you are actually hurting that vital organ by using the OTC cleaning products. Products claiming to clean and deodorize the area are best left at the drugstore. Keep in mind that the dyes and fragrances, which are used to keep the vaginal area supposedly clean are treated with preservatives and chemicals. No doubt, these are pretty harmful and usually cause severe allergic reactions. Moreover, vulva skin is extremely sensitive and thinner than the skin on other parts of the body.  Hence, it’s better to avoid the fragrant, chemically treated products to maintain the vaginal health and hygiene. This organ is way better at maintaining itself on its own.

Body Lotions- Hold On! It’s Meant for Your Body Only and Not For Your Vulva

Do you often use your premium branded body lotion to moisturize the skin down there? Like the skin on other parts of your body, your vaginal skin tends to get dry due to the use of scented bleach and hair removal cream or shaving. Instinctively, we grab a daily body lotion to moisturize the place. But these moisturizing lotions are treated with drying alcohol and preservatives, which tend to cause infection down there. Instead, apply a tiny dot of plain Vaseline or petroleum jelly to soothe dryness.

Silky Silhouetted Panty- It’s More Harmful Than You Think

Laced underwear with silk silhouette is definitely a visual treat, but ladies, that looks good only on adult films. For your everyday life, opt for cotton undies, as they are too good at absorbing vaginal moisture and sweat.  Moreover, it gives your vagina a perfect breathing space, which is otherwise impossible in silk fabric.  Silk sits tightly on your vaginal skin and makes it more prone to tears and irritation.  According to the eminent obstetricians, it’s ideal to clothe your lady parts with cotton panty.  Or, you can go commando completely (of course, when you are indoors) to let things air out. It will also cure any infections caused by pubic hair fungus.

Hair Removal Cream – The Root of All Vaginal Troubles

Believe it or not, applying hair removal cream on pubes is the most detrimental thing that you can do to your vagina.  Removing pubic hair is definitely a healthy practice, but only when you are doing it right. The chemicals and fragrances in the hair removal cream affect the natural oil and the soft skin of the vulva, thus making it prone to serious diseases including cervical cancer. The ideal way is to use a razor with a brand new blade every time you shave it. The practice will save you from developing deadly infections and maintain your vaginal health.

Keep in mind, a healthy vagina is the outcome of proper cleaning and simple maintenance. Don’t just spoil it by using chemical rich OTC products.  Also, go for a thorough clinical examination of your organ regularly, even if you are not pregnant or not affected with any STD.