Everyday Habits That Can Give You Serious Kidney Issues

Have you ever thought how your kidneys will behave when you wearily delay your urge for urination? Probably no, because most of the time, when you snugly sit on your couch and watch the television, the idea of dragging yourself to the toilet simply doesn’t even cross the mind. That’s where start all the renal woes, which over the time develops into severe kidney issues. However, it’s not the delayed urination only, several other factors also contribute to the impaired kidney functions. In fact, some of our everyday habits are also responsible for the disrupted renal functions.

Take a look to know more about the common habits that usually trigger severe kidney issues

Delayed Urination

Among the most harmful habits, this one tops the list. As you know, urine is mostly composed of toxic substance and harmful bacteria that need to pass out of your body. But delayed urination results in storing those toxic elements in the bladder for an extended period of time. The bacteria and toxic elements, thus affects the urinary tracts and prepare the breeding ground of deadly kidney infections. Moreover, urine retention in the bladder applies enormous pressure to the kidney, which further leads to renal failure and urinary incontinence.

Excessive Protein in your Daily Diet

While protein is an integral part of your everyday nutrition, excess of protein is equally dangerous to your kidneys. Excess of protein-based foods, such as red meat, increases the risk of kidney problems. Excess of protein metabolizes nitrogenous wastes from the body, which further increases the glomerular pressure and hyperfiltration. It raises the metabolic load of the kidneys, and further develop various kidney issues.


Apart from giving you chronic breathing problems and lung disorder, smoking can also turn out fatal for your kidneys. American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP) has revealed in this connection that, smoking is the primary cause of ESRD (end-stage renal disease). It raises blood pressure and the heart rate, and thus restricts the blood flow by narrowing down the blood vessels in kidneys. Gradually, it aggravated kidney disorders and accelerates the loss of several renal functions.

Salt Consumption in your Daily Diet

Salt and spice might be your favourite combo, but too much of salt on a regular basis is detrimental to your kidneys. It gives you several renal damage symptoms over a period of time. Kidneys need to function much harder to get the salt excreted properly. Consequently, kidney function is impaired and it results in retention of body fluid and toxic substance.

Sleep Deprivation

The habit of less sleeping can take a toll on your renal health. Sleep deficiency can clog the arteries (atherosclerosis) and increase blood pressure, which often lead to fatal kidney disease. The lack of equilibrium in work and sleep results in several damaged kidney symptoms.

Excessive Caffeine

Caffeine increases blood pressure, which also offers severe pressure on your kidneys. It leads to kidney damage. Consumption of caffeine is also linked with the development of kidney stone, according to a study published in Kidney International in 2002. Caffeine increases the excretion of calcium in the urine. While the moderate consumption of tea and coffee does not affect your kidney, the excessive consumption of energy drinks, medications, chocolate, cocoa and soft drinks are detrimental for your renal health.

Use of Analgesic on a Regular Basis

Analgesics and painkiller might kill your pain and inflammation, but at the same time they resist the blood flow in your kidneys and impairs their function. The result is chronic renal disorders like acute kidney injury or interstitial nephritis. Consult your physician before consuming any such drugs, as they might lead to chronic kidney issues.

Consumption of Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates your body and destroys the normal function of kidneys. Too much of alcohol puts stress on your liver and kidneys and elevates the level of uric acid in the renal tubules, which further leads to. This increases the risk of renal failure and various other deadly kidney issues.

The Last Minute Tip…

The kidneys work like filter that helps in absorbing the nutrients from food and straining the toxic substance. Also it regulates the levels of minerals, such as calcium, and phosphate. But, all these fundamental renal function will suffer, if you do not change your habits. So, adopt healthy habits from today to save your Kidneys from getting severe renal disorders. A proper kidney care regime should be followed to keep your kidneys in good shape.