Stay Away from Drug Overdose Seizure

With an increasing incidences of drug overdose seizure these days, Government of India is taking serious measures to control the same. From enacting strict laws that prohibit drug peddlers to flourish further to organizing mass awareness campaign, the Government has certainly made a progressive advancement toward this goal. However, the deaths and diseases induced by drug abuse haven’t yet subsided completely. Still, the threat lurks behind in silence.

However, leading psychologists have a different take on controlling the drug overdose effects. While genetics and environment have a great contribution in making substance abuse much more likely in certain people, there are certainly some effective ways to prevent drug addiction. The best way is to stop it before it starts.

Don’t Let the Stress Agonize You

People suffer from drug overdose seizure are mostly found to have used substance to kill their stress. But, in reality you are subjecting yourself to more stress and tension, which you can’t deal with in the long run. You must keep in mind that the drugs are only a temporary fix and can’t provide you any long term benefit. Once a person comes out from his addiction phase, he is supposed to go through several physical and psychological side effects, which further intensify the feelings of anxiety. But, if you think that you are already bogged down with your growing stress and tension, try some exercises and deep meditation. The practice will limit your urge to try drugs.

It’s all in Your Mind, Seek Therapy for That

Drug abuse in most cases is the outcome of psychological disorders that might include depression, stress, anxiety and tension. The highs and lows that you face in your life sometimes become difficult to cope with. It’s when, people resort to drugs and self-medication in an attempt to deal with their psychological issues. But, the problem is drugs can have an effect on your symptoms and it has nothing to do with the underlying psychological issues. In the drug overdose awareness programs, it’s been highlighted several times. It’s important to treat the psychological/mental disorders in the first place instead of controlling its symptoms with the help of drugs. A counselling or therapy is highly effective in dealing with psychological or emotional problems.

Be Caring and Stay Happy

Pursuing your passion is a great way to stay away from drugs and substance abuse. Whether it’s a sport or any artistic endeavour, pursue it with passion. Also nurture your personal relationships as it motivates you to stay healthy and mentally strong. Incidents of drug overdose seizure can be avoided many a times, if you care deeply about the people and activities in your life. Even if you are suppressed by stress and anxiety in your life, you are less likely to jeopardize their love and care by experimenting with drugs.

Simple Living is the Key to a Sorted Life

Be confident (and happy) for what you are. Don’t just let your low self-esteem bog you down. Since low self-esteem and depression are the principal triggers for drug abuse, it’s important to stay content with what you have. Maintaining a strong relationships with your friends and family and a healthy balance between physical and mental activity can bring perfect stability in your life. It can also help you stay away from drugs.

Do Not Ignore Your Family History

Drug abuse is highly influenced by genetics. In case, there’s anyone in the family who has struggled with the drug abuse in the past, it’s more likely that the progeny might also fall for drugs or substance abuse. If there’s a higher chance of your child becoming addicted, you need to take extra precaution to avoid drugs and alcohol.

Keep in mind drug overdose seizure is the outcome of genetics as well as stressed life. You can’t just avoid the genetic effect, but controlling your stressed life is in your hand. Practice simply living and live a balanced life to stay away from the curse of drug abuse.