Snacks That Will Help You Lose That Extra Pounds

Because the idea of eating snacks is so related with having something spicy and oily, weight loss diet can’t be synonymous with it. But the fitness experts have something different to tell you. For them, snacking helps you get the right kind of nutrients only when you have it in the right way.  Also, healthy snacking between meals can curb hunger so that you can restrain yourself from gulping a lot of calorie packed foods.

So here, we have a list of five healthy snacks that can make your weight loss dream come true.


Almonds are always known for their exceptional health benefits. It’s found in a study that chewing almonds (at least 5 to 6 pieces) thoroughly, between the meals can make you feel full longer than those who chew a handful of other types of nuts several times a day.

Grapefruit or Jamun

Though fruits are not always recommended for snacking, the rule is somewhat different for jamun or grapefruit. It’s highly rich in nutritional value. It’s often called “diet food”. The best part is when you simply eat grapefruit with each meal, you can lose about 3.5 pounds within a short span of time. It also helps managing your appetite by lowering insulin levels, say the experts.


Believe it or not, a little treat of dark chocolate is a magic potion for weight loss. Eat a slice or two of chocolate and you can skip the high-calorie snacks in between the meals. Moreover, chocolate can curb your craving for calorie packed sweets and dessert? Also, you can check out the low calorie chocolate treats available in the market, if you are not too fond of dark chocolates. Chocolates also boost your energy by giving you the required amount of calorie.


Popcorn is known as a great potion for weight loss, but only when you consumed it right. It’s rich is fiber and protein, which is essential for providing appropriate nutrition to your body.  It’s low in fat and about 3 cups of air-fried popcorn (without butter) between the meals can serve you about 110 calories, without making you obese. It’s a healthy snack that curbs your appetite too.


Yogurt is called a fat burner by the fitness experts. Not only does it fill your nutritional gaps, but can also make you feel full for an extended period of time. Also, it provides calcium and fiber, two of the most important nutrient people tend to skip. Moreover, calcium is beneficial for bone health. Try a cup of yogurt with another cup of whole grain cereal to get your daily dose of nutrition. Also, yogurt helps in absorbing the extra fat.

The Endnote

Healthy snacking is highly conducive for your weight loss plan, but it’s important to take a prior advice from your nutritionist before you start with the new diet regime.