Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

If you are hassled about the various side effects of birth control pills- or if you had a nightmarish experience- here are a few things that you must know now.

It’s best not to lie- at times birth control pills do have side effects, and to be truthful sometimes these side effects can really suck. But then again, there are 3 reasons, as to why you shouldn’t let go or make yourself give up on protecting yourself from unintended accidental pregnancy.

Reason #1

Different strokes for different folks

Every woman is unique and so a birth control pill which may not suit someone might be perfectly suited for another. Besides, someone’s plus may be another person’s minus. For example: Some women don’t love having period, while others may find it unsettling. So the bottom line is that the only way to find out which birth control pill is suitable for your lifestyle and your body is to talk with a doctor and then try out different available options, until you find what matches you perfectly.

Reason #2

Positive side effects of birth control pills

It’s best to remember at all times, that not all side effects of birth control are bad. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of women who are advised to use hormonal birth control for various added reasons other than just for preventing pregnancy. For example, some of the methods of using birth control pills helps in:

  1. Preventing painful or heavy periods.
  2. Stop the progression of ovarian Cysts.
  3. Reduce the risk of developing ovarian Cancer.

Reason #3

Time is always on your side

There are many side effects associated with birth control pills those that fades away as your body adjusts to a new birth control method over time. So, if you have of-late started a new birth control method and are experiencing side effects which you don’t like, it may be worth keeping patience for a few months to see if things get better with time. But if you are not feeling better even after 6 months or so, consult your health care provider and try something new.

What are the most common side effects of birth control pills?

As every method is different, likewise every woman is also unique in their own ways. While there are a lot of individuals who have never experienced any side effects from using birth control. But for those who had bad experiences, these are the most common symptoms associated with it:

  • Spotting

Bleeding in-between periods or spotting, is a pretty common symptom when someone starts using the implant, the hormonal IUD, the shot or the mini-pill. However, the good news is there are always fair chances that after a few months this side effect will stop or even your period might go away as long as you use it.

  • Nausea, Headaches, Sore breasts and Change in sex drive

These are also some of the possible effects associated with the hormonal methods associated with birth control, although there are a lot of women who has never experienced any of them.

  • Weight gain and Depression

Research associated with birth control has shown that there are thousands of women, those who have experienced a slight weight gain when using hormonal birth control. Many women even experience depression after starting on their pills. Although it’s a matter of great clinical controversy whether this is really true, but if you feel a birth control method is having a negative effect, talk to your doctor at the earliest.

Important note on birth control

Always keep in mind that there is a significant difference between birth control pills those that contains estrogen and progestin and those that contains only progestin. So if one pill doesn’t suit your body, never give up when it comes to finding the right birth control method for yourself that you would love.
Never assume just because you had a bad experience with one pill hence the other pillsand methods won’t work.

So, talk to your doctor, but never give up, never surrender!