Should You Workout During Periods

May be you are one of those fitness freaks who never misses a chance to hit the gym, but you must learn to weigh the pros and cons of workout during periods. While a rigorous workout regime is strictly prohibited during this time, doctors have also pointed out that of light exercises during this phase keeps your period pain at bay. There are other benefits too and studies have already proved that menstruating women feel better when they get moving. So, before stressing yourself too much on this, go through this blog to explore the real facts about period workouts and its effects.

Get Rid From Annoying Period Symptoms

Light exercise can relieve you from the painful and annoying symptoms. It’s like, being mobile can give you little less cramping and lesser blood flow, explains the leading gynaecologists. The reason is exercises, no matter how light it is will give you sweat. Thus, more water will leave from your body, which further will relieve you from uncomfortable belly bloat. Additionally, light workouts will release endorphins, which play an anecdote to the irritable mood that keep you preoccupied in this phase. Moreover, studies suggest, regular exercises will also relieve you from serious PMS symptoms.

Stay Cool During Periods

Doctors believe light exercises can lower your body temperature. This is a low-hormone phase, when your body stores more heat, it can lead to more fatigue and stress. Appropriate workout during periods activates your central nervous system, thus making your body stay calm and cool. It helps you stay fresh and less fatigued during this phase.

Make it More Comfortable

Periods are never comfortable, but you can at least make some effort to keep the pain at bay. Though NSAID works instantly on the irritable pain, period workouts give you the best benefit with long term solution. Start doing light exercise from a week before your periods, so that you can ditch the period pain.

All this said, if you just don’t feel like dragging yourself to do some workout, stay away. Just a little stroll will do. In fact, staying mobile is important and doing it will help you feel better. May people worry about internal injuries following a period workout, but this does not actually happen as long as you follow the right exercise regime. Limit yourself to some light and easy workout during periods to get rid of inflammation and pain due to blood flow.