Selfie Elbow Is Going To Be a Serious Medical Condition

Capturing the perfect selfie can be a fashion fad, but at the same time it’s detrimental for your health; rather, your elbow. According to the renowned orthopaedists across the world, the dedication to click a perfect selfie might land you up to a serious structural deformity of your elbow. The condition is  known as “selfie elbow”, which is apparently causing abnormality of your elbow ad associated areas. However, worse more is the underlying damages that it causes over a period of time.

What is Selfie Elbow?

The nomenclature finds its roots in the medical condition termed “tennis elbow”, the only difference is that the affected part in this case is elbow. This happens when you use the same and repeated movements over and over again. Doctors’ call it an overuse injury, which happens due to the repeated, unremitting and small movements, holding your camera phone in-front of you and taking lots of shots. The posture can cause repeated micro-trauma to the muscles and tendons, which in the long run turns into selfie elbow, affecting mostly the forearm and wrist muscle.

Selfie Elbow Symptoms

Symptomatic considerations of Selfie Elbow reveals that the disease/condition is apparently silent.  The pain can’t be felt till the inflammation reached out to the advanced stage. In worst cases, the forearm becomes outwardly bent, thus demanding a surgical correction. However, don’t ignore, if you continue to experience the following symptoms

  • A week long muscle tension
  • Fatigued and aching muscle
  • Tingling pain in elbow, wrist and forearm
  • Waking up with a stiff, sore arm in everyday morning

The Treatment

The disease being extremely silent, the treatment often starts out a bit late that too, when the symptoms become apparent.  In this case, pain or inflammation appears only after the condition reaches the advanced stage. However, the treatment plan depends on  the  severity of the  condition.

In the less severe scenarios, doctors essentially prescribe pain relievers as the only form of treatment. But, one should refrain from icing the elbow or wearing a brace around it. Taking cortisone shots is also the biggest mistake. The reason is, all these treatment procedure immobilize your limb, which is extremely detrimental. During the treatment of selfie elbow, doctors usually emphasize on mobilizing the limb. Taking pain relievers is the only followed approach because it reduces the pain and thus, helps correcting the hand movements within a few weeks.

To stimulate the blood flow in the affected area, doctors also prescribe physiotherapy as a form of treatment along with the medicine. However, a surgical correction is recommended in case the problem is severe.

The Endnote

Selfie Elbow disease has come up as a serious medical condition these days and the dedication for getting a perfect selfie is nowadays more likely a psychological disorder than a fashion fad. According to the experts, the trend itself is so exciting that a large number of people are falling for it and by the time they understand the effects, the  habit has probably damaged the arm’s muscle. The ideal way to aver the symptoms is to get rid of your selfie obsession, otherwise depend on a selfie stick.  “For those who are avid selfie-takers, using a selfie stick can work like an arm extender and takes the pressure off the elbow”, explain the musculoskeletal rehab specialists.