Sciatica Pain Causes and the Available Treatment

One of the most annoying back aches that keeps you away from the most mundane everyday tasks is sciatica pain.Though sciatica pain causes are still unknown, doctors have already found some of the most effective treatment procedure of this disease.In some cases, sciatica pain is also caused by piriformis syndrome and is mostly found in pregnant women.However, there’s always an effective treatment of this pain syndrome and here’s what you can do about it.

Chiropractic Treatment

70% of sciatica patients who hasn’t seen any benefit from conventional painrelieving methods have tried spinal manipulation. According to experienced doctors this treatment offers some degree of pain relief which was otherwise unavailable in other forms of treatment.It’s been seen that a chiropractic care on a weekly basis can offer patients a long term solution. Spinal manipulation creates a kind of pain relieving response, which helps in improving the mobility of the injured area. Additionally, a chiropractor with various therapeutic treatment can reduce joint inflammation and boost the natural healing capabilities of your body.


Acupuncture is the age old method of treating sciatica pain and its effects.For centuries it’s been used to treat back aches and inflammation.No matter what’s the sciatic pain causes are , acupuncture  can effectively treat it by releasing endorphin. According to the leading orthopedic surgeons,this an excellent alternative to other sciatica-management strategies used nowadays. It’s safe and come with minimal side effects.


Performing the right kind of yoga for a certain period of time actually gives you complete relief from sciatica pain.Not only it relieves you from the sciatica pain, but doing yoga on a regular basis can give you a relief from all kinds of aches and pains in your body. Yoga relieves the sciatica pain by improving flexibility of the muscles. It’s one of the most followed sciatica home remedies.Sometimes sciatica pain symptoms in leg goes beyond control and that’s the time when you need surgical procedure to relieve the pain.

Topical Medications

Many people rely on pain medications that can be applied topically. You can use various anti-inflammatory oil twice a day in the painful area followed by a thorough massage.You can also use the OTC cayenne pepper plaster or cream to relieve the pain symptoms.

Ice or Heat

Ice or Heat compress is known to be an effective pain reliever in case of sciatica. Sciatica nerve is buried deep inside the buttock and leg, so ice or heat might not ease the inner inflammation. But, they can work as counter- irritants and can provide instant relief from the pain at least.

Finally, it’s to be kept in mind that sciatica pain causes are widely different.Hence, it’s important to diagnose the cause at the first place before making any further progress with the treatment options.