Treat Genital Itchiness During Pregnancy

The most common reason for developing genital itching while being pregnant is due to regular adjustments towards the genital PH level which could initiate topical agitation.Vaginal Candida infections typically cause prolonged vaginal itchiness. While it must be remembered that genital itchiness generally is not always a result of an STD, but this can also be a possible cause.

So what you can do about genital itching?

Before going in for any self-medication or OTC (Over the Counter) medicine, for curing your itchiness, especially if you happen to be pregnant, you must call a health care provider to be absolutely certain that you do not have any kind of STIs or STD.

In the event that the vaginal itchiness is found because of regular PH level adjustment in the vaginal area during pregnancy, there are several self-help remedies that can reduce the PH level and reduce the itchiness in the vaginal zone.

Tip #1

Vaginal PH level can be reduced by applying baking soda in the genital area. To do this you need to make a paste of kitchen baking soda by mixing it with water and apply the paste on the regions that are itching.

Tip #2

Though it may sound cynical, but it’s true having sexual activity at times helps in lowering the PH level in the vagina, as the male semen has a low PH.

Tip #3

A few women even discover that as a kitchen remedy, chilly compresses help relieve genital itchiness.

How to prevent genital itching?

  • Practice cleanliness and keep your genital area dry
  • Practice cleaning by wiping off from the front side towards the back after an intestinal motion, to avoid bacteria from entering the vaginal area
  • Avoid the use of genital douches
  • Use fragrance-free soap while cleaning the vaginal zone
  • Put on clothing which is not tight or binding, particularly in the crotch
  • Use natural cotton panties and prevent wearing nylon panties or hose that decrease the airflow towards the vaginal region
  • To encourage air flow to the vaginal area during the night time wear a nightgown without underwear
  • Make use of warm shower water and don’t add bubble bath or additional aromatic items which could aggravate the vaginal area and urinary system

Should you use OTC creams to alleviate vaginal itching?

Using Hydrocortisone ointment is really not suggested, since it may create epidermal breakdown that can aggravate the symptom.

Pure anesthetic gel-like Lidocaine is often locally applied for alleviating genital itchiness.

In case you possess genital candidiasis, any OTC Candida infection lotion or genital suppository often suppresses the itchiness when it’s used once or twice every day.