Is Processed Foods Good or A Poison?

Processed foods are foods that have been modified by enrichment of hormones, preservatives, additives, inorganic genetic elements, or other chemical compounds or heat applications that transform or destroy the organic healthy enzymes, vitamins, fatty acids and minerals. The main goal of food processing is to longer the shelf life of food components for long term preservation in a larger amount.

A List of Processed Food 

  • Bleached white flour
  • Refined sugars like corn syrup, brown rice syrup, beet sugar, maple syrup
  • Hydrogenated vegetable oil and margarine
  • Artificial sweeting agent
  • Food enhancer
  • Processed meat products which contain artificial colors and soy fillers
  • Fast food rich in trans fat
  • Powdered milk and egg rich in oxysterols which initiated atherosclerotic plaques
  • Packaged cakes and cookies, snack food crackers and other processed junk food
  • Artificial meat products like bacon, salami and bologna
  • Soy products like soy cheese, soy protein isolate and soy milk

Positive Effects of Processed Foods 

A processed food serves some important options if you have a problem fitting routine market trips and managing cooking period into your normal schedule.

Added Nutrients

Try to restrict the intake level of processed foods which rich in added sugars. However canned fruit preserved in heavy syrup and colorful cereals are lower levels of nutrition. Allow breads, rice, pasta and cereals that list whole grains as the main components to make sure you get ample fiber and nutrients in your meals. To maintain a moderate level of sodium intake, choose low-salt or low sodium-added canned soups, beans and vegetables.

Longer Shelf-Life

Added preservatives help to extend the shelf-life of many processed foods. Without adding preservatives, commercial breads, whether whole or white grain would spoil more quickly. Frozen vegetables and fruits last far longer than fresh leafy greens in your freezer.

Taste and Appearance

Many spices and flavors, both organic and artificial chemical compounds, gets their best essence in processed foods. For an example, some sweet meats might taste bland without adding cinnamon essence, maple syrup or sugar. Low-fat content popcorn without added salt or butter flavoring is less familiar than salted popcorn, because of its enhanced flavor. Artificial coloring and sweeteners are used to enrich foods’ color and overall texture, which makes food taste and look more attractive.

       Ways That Processed Foods Are Poisoning People

  • Processed foods are commonly high in carbohydrate and high fructose based corn syrup
  • Processed foods are known as “hyper rewarding” which leads to overconsumption
  • Processed foods are rich in all sorts of artificial inorganic ingredients
  • Many people can easily become attracted to processed junk foods literally
  • Processed foods contains refined carbohydrates
  • Most processed foods are unhealthy because of its low level of nutrients
  • It is tends to be low in fiber residue rich in trans-fat or preserved vegetable oil
  • It requires less time and energy for proper digestion and are not beneficial for general health

Try to eat real fresh food because when we replace fresh, natural organic food like butter, vegetable, meat with adulteration, we get fat and also prone to disease.