Pregnancy Signs That You Should Never Ignore

During pregnancy, your body goes through a myriad of changes. And while many of them can seem alarming — like tingling in your belly, a weird vaginal discharge, lightheadedness and fainting spells and light bleeding, not all of them are pregnancy signs that something is seriously wrong with you and your baby. So, when should you worry?

Here, we tell you about pregnancy  signs that warrant a call to the emergency services as soon as possible.

 Bleeding and Spotting

Light spotting is normal until the first 8 weeks of pregnancy as it means the embryo is implanting itself to the uterus. Sometimes spotting will occur from a vaginal tear post sexual intercourse and is nothing to worry about. However, bleeding that is accompanied by abdominal cramps that are painful can also mean you have an ectopic pregnancy, are having a miscarriage, or can also be a warning sign of placenta previa. Call your doctor immediately, as it is important to know the source of any bleeding when you’re pregnant.

 High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure over 140/90 could be a warning sign of preeclampsia, so don’t ignore it. Any dramatic increase in your blood pressure with abdominal pain and disturbances in vision is also a sign of preeclampsia, which is potentially fatal and requires immediate medical intervention. Call the emergency services ASAP.

 Leg Pain

Some amount of leg pain and swelling is absolutely normal and are no cause for worry. Changing hormone levels can give rise to various aches and most pregnant women complain of swelling in the feet. However, if you have pain in the calf, its best to talk to your doctor immediately as pregnancy increases risk to deep vein thrombosis that can cause blood clots and be potentially life threatening.

 Contractions that are Consistent and Painful

Don’t worry about Braxton Hicks contractions – these are irregular and often painless. But if your contractions are 10 minutes or less apart and are growing in intensity, you could be going into pre-term labour. Call your doctor as well as emergency services India immediately, as your gynaecologist may be able to stop contractions at this stage and keep your baby from being born premature.

 Slowed or Declined Foetal Movement

Your baby’s movements are a sign that he/she is healthy and growing at a steady rate. If you feel that your baby is moving less than usual, drink something cold and sweet, as that will cause the baby to move. If you notice nothing, call your doctor. If you feel that your baby hasn’t started moving or kicking as much as he/she should when you are 17-18 weeks pregnant, its best to get an ultrasound immediately to check on baby’s growth and development.

While these are the some pregnancy signs pregnant women need to look out for, these aren’t the only one.  Another sign that many women try to ignore is depression. Yes, pregnant women can feel depressed, and this only raises the risk for postpartum depression, so talk to your healthcare professional about this at your next visit. Also, if you have chills with fever, don’t ignore it. It could be just the flu, or it could also be pneumonia, listeria or kidney infection, all of which are potentially dangerous for health of pregnant women.