Postmenopausal Symptoms and its Effect on Your Body

Normally, in their fifties women experience postmenopausal symptoms, when their estrogen levels starts decreasing rapidly. As the ovaries begin to shut down in this stage, a woman face drastic changes in their body, which often can leave them confused. Since the risks of various fatal disease increase at this age, women need to monitor their health regularly.

Here are some quick facts about the postmenopausal symptoms that a woman should never ignore:

Symptoms of Postmenopause in Women

The most common symptoms of post menopause can include:

  • Sleep disorders and insomnia
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Weight gain
  • Hot flashes
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Stress incontinence

While many of these symptoms show up mostly during perimenopause, some of these continue to persist even after the menopause actually starts.

Effects of the Postmenopausal Syndrome

Post menopause symptoms can wreck you both emotionally and psychologically. As a result, a woman in this phase can experience depression, phobias, paranoia, anxiety, mood swings, and difficulties in concentration. Along with these symptoms, a woman in her postmenopausal phase can also face muscular tension, osteoporosis and excruciating joint pain.

Changes in the Body After the Menopause is Over

Women in the postmenopausal stage are exposed to severe health concerns, especially due to the hormonal changes in their body. The rapid rise of the estrogen level at this phase also make them quite vulnerable to the terminal diseases like cervical and ovarian cancer. As a result, a regular Pap smear test is important to monitor your health. Exposure to alcohol and smoking make the situation even worse in this phase. A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet can help in dealing with the physical changes during this phase.

Treating the Postmenopausal Symptoms

The most common treatment of these symptoms is hormone therapy. Doctors mainly use a blend of estrogen and progestin hormone for treating the symptoms of hot flashes. However, hormone replacement therapy often comes with the serious side effects like strokes, uterine cancer and breast cancer.

Estrogen treatment is also effective in this case. It’s available in the form of oral pills and cream. Estrogen treatment is highly effective in relieving the symptoms for the shortest time.

Do the Symptoms Go Away?

The postmenopausal symptoms tend to disappear as soon as the hormonal imbalance is evened out. Once the symptoms begin to subside, your life will be back on track and your health hazards will be sorted out. However, it’s important to go for regular clinical trials to make sure that your body is completely free from postmenopausal health hazards.