Would You Pay £6,000 To Have Sex With A Fembot?

The year is 2050.

A group of bawdy men is on the road to a den of iniquity in Amsterdam’s Red Light District to quench their sex appetite. But once they reach they are not welcomed by a young woman. Instead, there is an entirely different host: a Sexbot.

I know at least some of the readers of this blog, must be thinking: I am already ready to have sex with a sex robot. The possibilities of having sex machines for fornication is fascinating.

Well, that’s what Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars of the Victoria Management School in Wellington, New Zealand have discussed in their paper- Robots, Men and Sex Tourism.

Indeed, how unreal it may appear today, affordable sex workers, will have the power not only to eliminate ever growing sex trafficking, but also stem the tide of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and AIDS, which over the last few years have mutated and is becoming resistant to several vaccinations and medicines.
As people in the West have seldom had the experience, what feels like to be hungry, with the advent of android sex workers, people also would never have to experience being horny. It can even stop the exploitation of young boys and girls in poor countries by sex tourism. Sex robots could be available in the next 40 years that can be made available in every mall, airports and hotels.
Yeoman and Mars in their report have also wondered whether sexual mores might be different as far as robotic prostitutes are concerned. For example, would your wife view sex with a sexbot as cheating? Would people be more honest and open about paying for sex with a sex robot, than they are about paying for sex with human beings?

Yeomen and Mars said that they have centered their research paper in Holland on the Amsterdam sex trade, as this city has a long history as one of the most popular sex tourist destinations across the world. From their noted standpoint, it would also be interesting to speculate what impact robotic sex trade might have from Las Vegas to Kenya and Thailand, where sex tourism has been responsible for a gargantuan economic boom.

Yeoman and Mars have called this imaginary brothel in Amsterdam Yab-Yum, which has been illustrated as an up-to-date sex hub with about 100 scantily clad brunettes and blonds parading around in exotic lingerie and G-strings.
To enter this state-of-art sex facility clients need to pay approximately anywhere in-between £6,200- £10,000 for an “all-inclusive service”, which range from striptease, lap dancing to fornication and full intercourse.
The range of these android sex goddesses can also belong to different ethnicities, age, sexual features and languages.

Robotic sex workers and ‘Fembots’ have been featured in many science fiction books and movies for decades.

Many of us are even aware of Geminoid F, who is the world’s first robot actress and have co-starred alongside a human in the Japanese film ‘Sayonara’ which has been released last year, in November 2015.

Geminoid F, designed by Prof Hiroshi Ishiguro is built with the help of metal skeleton, pneumatic actuators (far more responsive than motors), silicone and urethane and has a rubbery skin.

As synthetic humans go, Geminoid F is the real thing, which can not only frown, smile or replicate other human facial expressions, but it seems like that she has also been imbued with a soul.

So as finding elements of humanity in androids is becoming a close catch in the days to come, the only social issue around the Yab-Yum club is the resistance of human sex workers, who says that as they won’t be able to compete on price and quality with the sexbots, and so many of them in the near future, may have to close their shop windows.