Online Dermatologists: Providing Care Beyond Clinic

Virtual healthcare is a big buzz nowadays, thanks to the increasing ubiquity of internet-enabled devices. And dermatological care is ideal for such solutions because of its ‘visual’ nature together with people’s skillfulness at taking selfies.
So the next time you have an instinct that something is wrong, online dermatology might prove to be worth the convenience and the small cost.

Looking to See a Dermatologist in Delhi through an Online Visit?

Well, here are a few things you can expect while consulting the best Dermatologist in Delhi through an online visit:

  • Provide Relevant Medical Information

Many of the dermatologic conditions get worse by other underlying conditions, like diabetes or metabolic conditions, forms of anemia, and many other illnesses. Hence, it is important that your ‘online dermatologist’ knows well about your medical history in order to assist them form a proper treatment plan for you.

  • Click Some Good Pics of What’s Happening to You

Well, the online dermatologist will be able to understand your problem through good skin selfies that shows multiple angles of your complaint. And remember, it is not the time to use those fancy filters of effects. You need to make sure that you snap some good pics in bright lightning, and get a friend or family member to help, if required. Remember, good pics will help the doctor to make the best possible treatment.

  • You can Ask Follow-up Questions

After getting your online treatment plan from your skin specialist in Delhi, you might have additional questions for the doctor, as you would in a normal clinic visit. Make sure that use a service that provides you to ask your follow-up questions. For instance, CareClues allows patients to send follow up questions to the same doctor after your online visit.

  • You might be Asked to make an in-office visit

After seeing your photos and reviewing your medical history, your online dermatologist might feel to call you for an in-office appointment. So do not panic! It might be that they need to do something that needs you to be in the doctor’s office, like doing a routine skin biopsy.

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