Number guide for pregnant women

All pregnant women go through a horde of feelings, fears, pains and emotions during their pregnancy. And while most are happy to call their life partners or may be their closest friends when they feel like or want someone to share their woes. But apart from this there must be these phone numbers on your speed dial  when you are pregnant. Lets give a look at the pregnancy care tips.

  1. The Gynaecologist

Your gynaecologist is your ally and is trained to ensure top health pregnant women. Keep her number in your phone at all times, so you can call her or message her when you a bit ‘off’ and unwell, or fear something is seriously wrong with your baby. Your doctor is the best person to tell you whether you need to make the call to emergency services India, or if your seemingly weird problem is just a simple pregnancy symptom. This is one of the crucial pregnancy care tips.

  1. The Emergency Room

However, some problems will be serious. When you are pregnant, preeclampsia and pre-term birth haunt your mind, and it is best to be prepared for the worst. Keep the number of emergency services on your speed dial; so that you don’t waste any time getting immediate medical help in case it is needed. Your gynaecologist can meet you at the emergency room. This is especially important when your doctor maintains different OPD times and visits various hospitals through the week, making her harder to track and access in case of an emergency.

  1. The Masseuse

Not all numbers on your speed dial need to be for daunting medical emergencies! But yes, when you’re pregnant, a bad backache keeping you up at night and swollen feet that make it impossible for you to wear your work shoes can feel like emergencies too! Most women in India hire a masseuse for their newborns, since healthy babies need everyday maalish. Hire your masseuse in advance, so she can help relieve all these pains and aches through gentle massages that will relax the central nervous system, alleviate the ache arising from the strain on your spine from a growing baby, and help soothe all muscles and ligaments.

  1. The Yoga Teacher

No matter what your emergency is, our first guideline – practice deep breathing to calm down. Besides keeping you fit and healthy during pregnancy, your yoga teacher can also guide you towards the right poses that will improve stamina and muscle strength to prepare you for the delivery of a healthy baby. Also, through guidance, your yoga instructor will teach you deep breathing techniques that will bring relief through tension and emotional turmoil, since emotional wellness is very important during pre-natal period.

  1. A Reliable Consistent Neighbour

While most pregnant women will first reach out to their husband or parents in time of need, it is a smart idea to save the phone number of a reliable and consistent neighbour or friend who lives in close proximity. Sometimes, a situation like an unnerving fall or sudden bleeding may warrant immediate assistance from another person without wasting any time, and a person who lives closest to you can be your best bet.

So, as a pregnant woman who wants the best for her baby, make the best use of your smartphone and pregnancy care tips, keep these numbers on speed dial. And yes, don’t forget to add your husband and your parents to your ICE (In Case of Emergency) list to quicken actions in case of a crisis.