A new mom’s baby care on when to call the doctor

You’ve brought the baby home, and you still don’t know everything you should to care for the baby in the best possible way. Baby care is the beginning of motherhood. Don’t worry; every new mom learns the ropes of motherhood in time, and practice makes perfect. But what about all those little things that become a cause for worry because they just feel ‘off’? You no longer have a trained nurse by your side, so your thoughts turn to the baby’s paediatrician. When is a call to the doctor warranted? Mom’s, Let’s find out!

  1. If your baby is running a fever. For babies, temperature is taken rectally. Anything over 100.4 degree warrants a call to the doctor.
  1. Your baby refuses to eat. Most babies will feed every 2 hours or so, and roughly about 10 to 12 times in a day. If your baby refuses to eat anything for 6 hours and is crying, call the doctor. If your notice the sucking become weaker, it’s best to discuss it with your doctor as well.
  1. You notice bleeding or infection. Babies are so delicate that even miniscule cuts can cause bleeding, but these can be treated with basic first aid at home. However, if you notice bleeding or signs of infection, like a funny smell, bleeding or pus oozing from the umbilical cord stump, call the doctor.
  1. The baby has a persistent cough. A little spit up after feeding is ok. A persistent cough that indicates your baby’s lungs might be congested is not. Play it safe and call the doctor immediately.
  1. You notice the baby’s eyes look yellowish. A lot of newborns get jaundice and that is what the yellowed white in the eye indicate. It’s most common after 3 days of birth, so call your doctor and prepare to take the baby to the hospital immediately.
  1. Your baby isn’t passing urine or hasn’t had any bowel movements all day. A plethora of things could be wrong here. Babies pass stool and urinate often, almost after every feed, so call your doctor immediately in this case.
  1. A nasty rash that seems to be growing. The baby’s delicate skin is still getting used to many things, so a few small bumps that cover the face, arms or legs are alright. But if you notice an angry red rash that is spreading over a larger area, it could be a cause for worry.
  1. The baby is vomiting or has watery stools. If the little one throws up everything he/she eats several times, call the doctor immediately because little babies can get dehydrated really fast. Same rule applies for watery stools that indicate an upset stomach.

Baby care depends on timing and frequency. If you notice that your baby has trouble breathing, is turning blue or wheezing, stay calm and call the emergency services immediately. In situations like this, it’s imperative to take immediate action so don’t wait to hear from your doctor. Rush to the emergency room and have your paediatrician meet you there.Keep in mind the parenting tips of baby care.