Never Think Of Skipping Breakfast Even If You Are Obese

A healthy breakfast is the perfect procedure to set you up for the whole day without giving much effort. Yet the purpose for taking breakfast is important to a healthy lifestyle polarizes many people, with some seeing it as the least essential of our three main meals. But some of us think of skipping breakfast altogether in our fast life and on our hectic working schedule. Or we eat a highly deficient nutrient based breakfast with unnecessary calories.

The primary negative role of not taking breakfast, is that it hampered weight management, hormonal balance, memory power, mood and cognition, as it has been illustrated below.


Obesity and its related complications- such as high blood sugar level, infertility and cardiac problem are the biggest attention of the 21st century. Skipping breakfast may insulate your risk of weight gain or make it harder to decrease your weight. The ‘Weight-control Information Network’ represented that if you eat a healthy breakfast on a regular basis, you are less likely to over consume throughout the whole day. Skipping breakfast may also enhance bad food habits throughout the day. Moreover, eating breakfast increase your metabolism and boost your energy over the day hours.

Obesity Management Tips

  • Consult your exercise expert or other medical professional for getting the appropriate exercise regime.
  • Be conscious of your food habit and don’t consume more calorie than you need to burn off.
  • Try to consume smaller portions, at least five to six small, healthy nutritious meals throughout the day.
  • Avoid junky unhealthy food.
  • Slow down on your drinking like alcohol, which causes Alcoholic Steatohepatitis.
  • Weight yourself with a proper weighing machine every morning.
  • Calculate your BMI which helps you to determine the level of your obesity.
  • Avoid weight loss diets and try to follow a healthy diet plan which contains vegetables, low fat meat, unsaturated fat, proper fluid balance and exercise.

Menstrual Problem

Skipping breakfast is often a common occurrence for college female students running late for class, which leads to menstrual irregularities. These dysfunctions includes painful menses and irregular bleeds. No conflict was found in premenstrual syndrome, but these breakfast skippers often also suffering from constipation.

Lowered Cognition

A ‘Center for Disease Control’ report on procedures for school health programs implies that skipping breakfast negatively impacts a school-going child’s ability to effectively solve problems in the class. Students, those who are taking healthy breakfast tested better in standardized test scores, were absent less from institution and were more punctual to class.

Bad Mood

A large percentage of the people are self-identified as “moody morning population.” A moody temperament is noted to improve when breakfast is taken properly on a regular basis.

Physical Side Effects                                                                                              

Skipping breakfast catalyzes your risk of hypoglycemic effect. This state can bring on physical symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, shakiness, headaches, tingling and a faster heart rate, according to the ‘National Institutes of Health’.

Hence the Beneficial Effect for a Healthy Breakfast Are:

  • Good for Your Overall Health
  • Improves Your Memory power
  • Boosts Energy
  • Improves Your Mood
  • Helps In Consuming More Nutrients
  • Helps Burn Calories
  • Improves the Concentration level

So as the cliché says- always have your breakfast like a king.


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