Rejoice the National Scotch Day with Healthy Scotch Cocktails

Next time, when someone tells you that it’s sacrilegious to mix Scotch into a cocktail, just chuckle and move on! Why? Because, Scotch cocktails are simply a heavenly blend that you would always love when it comes to pamper your taste buds with scrumptious beverages. And then again, a good blend of scotch comes with a plethora of health benefits, which you simply can’t ignore.

So, keeping all things in mind, here we present three classic scotch cocktails, which will give you one more reason to think of something beyond scotch on the rocks.

 Rob Roy

Let’s just start with Rob Roy, the grandfather of Cocktails. The scotch-based luscious Manhattan, Rob Roy is a natural memory booster. It’s a reliably tasty beverage and definitely won’t screw you up. A glass of typical scotch Manhattan, garnished with cherry (or a thin swatch of orange zest for a change) will simply make your day. Rob Roy is known for decades, mostly for its simple formulation. All it needs is a decent blend of Scotch.


No, it’s nothing to do with the medicine that is formulated to treat bacterial infections! But the makers of penicillin cocktail calls it a perfect “cold comfort”. Why? Because, blended Scotch when mixed with lemon juice, a drift of a rich Islay single-malt and honey-ginger syrup, it’s sure to give a soothing relief to your sore throat. And there’s something more to it. A sip of the sugary Penicillin will make you reminiscing the woodsmoke-laced autumn breeze that you once had.

 Modern No 2

Before the revival of the classic bars, fine old cocktail recipes were in general circulation. That’s where the Modern No 2 is sourced from. A robust blend of Scotch when intermingled with fresh-squeezed lemon juice, sloe gin, absinthe and orange bitters, you simply can’t help but asking for the next one.

Definitely an old school genre of Scotch cocktails, this awesome blend can send you into cocktail ecstasy. Though it’s named “Modern” it has never enjoyed a true revival since its birth, but the beverage is spectacularly alluring.

So, are you planning to indulge in any of these scintillating cocktail recipes today? Tell us about it. We would love to hear the way you celebrate the National Scotch Day.