Embrace Music as the Best Antidepressant on This World Music Day

As it had worked for the legendarily composers like Beethoven, Schumann or Morrissey, even for you and me, a good music on this World Music Day can chase the blues away. And it’s just the subtle magic of serotonin and dopamine, the happy hormones that creates this trick. Because the soul-moving tunes directly affect your brain and foster the hormone secretion, your drooping soul feels absolutely energised and elated. Studies have even linked music therapy with the treatment of people suffering from suicidal tendencies.

Music indeed has a placebo effect.  And that’s why you just can’t help but fall for all your desired tunes while forgetting the pains.
Here are some of the most cherished advantages of hearing to your favourite melodies:

Music Dispels the Darkness

During those darkest nights, when you get tangled in the world of worries and can’t find the way through the cloudy passages of your mind, music acts like an elixir for our mind. So if you are lying down on your bed, drag yourself to your computer (or the music system) to switch on that soulful tune that you have always loved. Pain fades away as the music starts flowing into you. And if it wells up your buried emotions, let them flow. After all, tears represent cathartic feelings. The mental state which helps in healing your wounds.

Music Fosters Creativity

Happy hormones nurture creativity.  Music has a mind-wandering mode, claims certain Finnish research done on music at University of Jyväskylä in 2005. That’s why when your brain gets a melodic encouragement, the secretion of dopamine and serotonin is amplified, which simply inspires your creative soul. In fact the hard-core techies across the world, have also admitted the inspiring effects of music. So, if you are feeling a little down, sit quiet and turn on your favourite number on this World Music Day. Trust me, ideas will come rushing to your mind.

Music Therapy to Treat Addiction

There’s no better addiction than music. It works on your mind and soothes your strained nerves. And its influence is no less effective than the addiction of weeds, alcohol or something even superlative. Doctors often suggest music therapy for people suffering from drug or alcohol abuse. Well, music itself won’t reap any positive outcomes unless backed by medication and counselling, but it’s definitely a useful tool in the drug rehabilitation treatment process.

So turn on your music system now on this World Music Day. Indeed those seven notes can change your life.