10 Most Dangerous Mistakes That SULTAN Avoided While Building His 6 Packs

As we see Salman Khan aka Sultan in his new avatar, what seems to grab eyeballs at the very first glance is Khan’s remarkably prominent six pack abs. It seems, the enviable avatar of Khan will not only score Bollywood a business of 100 crores once again, but will also add considerable numbers in Sultan’s female fan club. Featuring a host of splendid wrestling deeds and moves of mixed martial art, the directorial debut of Ali Abbas Zafar is not about any camera tricks. Instead, it’s the glorious outcome of the rigorous and intensive training of the “Hariyanvi Sher” who, when appeared on screen is meant to win hearts.

Even in his 50s, Salman Khan aka Sultan, the trendsetter of six pack abs is still reigning the club of fittest men on the Indian silver screen. Apart from this, he is also the inspiration of many youngsters who are all obsessed in their quest for six pack abs. But, have you ever wondered what actually hinders most of you from getting a body like Khan, even after hitting the gym and following a rigorous dietary regime? Sultan says, harmful advice and adherence to outdated and age-old practices often mislead the youngsters from attaining a body of their dreams.

To help you get a perfectly rippling ABS, Sultan is here to point out the usual mistakes that people often commit while chasing their six pack macho dreams.

Read to know more as to how you can avoid these mistakes next time in your workout class.

Mistake1- Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are meant to burn calories (only when you are doing it); and you thought it would give you flattened abs? No! Even if you are doing 30 min of cardio exercises every day, you will not be able to burn the calories that you’ve consumed around the clock. The hard truth is cardios are simply ineffective if your goal is to acquire flattened abs.

Mistake 2- Doing crunches and sit ups

The trainer at your local gym might have asked you to do abs exercises as much as possible to burn those belly fats. But the fact is, abs exercises only build abs muscle and in no way reduces belly fat. It’s a simple logic. Think what happens to your biceps or triceps when you do arm exercises. The muscles get bigger-right? The same happens over here also with your abs.

Mistake 3- Using Dietary Supplements and Pills

Wait! Don’t rely on supplements alone when you want to get into shape. These supplements only kill your appetite and hence you don’t feel the urge of eating any food thereafter. Thus, your body does not get the optimum quantity of nutrients that it is supposed to get, which results in impaired metabolism that further leads to fat storage in the body.

Mistake 4- Diet fads

“Diet fads are deadly”, says Sultan. Why? Because, going on a diet is a lifestyle change and it’s not easy at all. Many people fail to stick to a strict diet plan after doing it for a week or two. Hence, the moment they mess up with their diet, their body weight goes back to normal, at times more than what they had even before.

Mistake 5- Becoming a Gym Rat

You must have heard the cliché “too much of good thing is actually bad”. So, hitting the gym every day and spending about 3 hours there, won’t help you lose much fat. Instead, it will exhaust your nerves and muscles and make you fatigued at the end of the day. Moreover, overtraining breaks your muscle tissues, which are often difficult to rebuild. Hence it is always a good idea to spend about 45 minutes in the gym and do all the effective moves rather than doing wrong exercises hopelessly for 3 long hours.

Mistake 6- Being Insomniac

If you are a night bird, your dream of getting six pack abs will never be true. Sultan says, a good sleep helps our body to replenish and rebuild our mental and physical energy that we tend to lose due to overloaded gym schedules. The norm of staying awake past our bed times with our computers, cell phones, 24 hour cables not only enervates our body, but also impairs metabolism consequentially- which results in an unexpected weight gain. When sleep deprivation becomes a chronic problem, your levels of grehlin (“hunger hormone”) will soon increase and your leptin (“satiety hormone”) level will decrease, thus causing a boost in your appetite. So, despite a diet plan and strict workout regime, obesity will reappear within a few weeks’ time.

Mistake 7- Isolation Workout for Fatty Spaces

Body fat is spread throughout your body. Just because you have fatty abs, does not mean that all your body fat is stored around your tummy. Hence, doing exercises like bench presses or curls won’t do much help unless you practice some functional multi-body group exercise. A flattened six pack abs does not only involve abs exercise. But, you also need to burn excess calories through group exercise that actually helps you utilize the excess fat reserve in your body, before sculpturing the abs.

Mistake 8- Using AB Gimmicks

Do not fall prey to the TV ads of “Ab Lounge or Ab Coaster” that actually preach the efficiency of these equipment in weight loss programs. According to Sultan, these are none but utter gimmicks. To get a fit body like Sultan, all you need is quality exercise time along with a healthy diet. No equipment can burn calories if you do not make any free-hand physical workout.

Mistake 9- Harmful Advice

Never take any advice from people other than experts. Maybe there’s a lean guy in your group, who is genetically thin and can eat anything he likes without getting overweight. Well, his built is like that and no matter what he does, his built will remain the same. Do not consider him a fitness idol, just because he has a lean body and flat stomach. Instead, consult with a certified fitness expert to get proper help while designing your 6 pack abs.

Mistake 10- Not Asking for Help

When it comes to getting six packs of abs like SULTAN, a single mistake can undo much of your effort. So, get things right from the very beginning. If you are the guy who would like to have a lean, chiselled midsection, but don’t know how to get it, avoid the mistake of not admitting that you are tired and fed up with your six packs regime.  Sultan says, take a break and then try once more after a few months.
Be the proverbial tortoise. Always remember while doing extreme workouts- only those who are slow and steady wins the race.