Be the Minxy Diva with Amazing Orgasms

Gone are the days when the vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm were the only form of sexual pleasure. With the passage of time, the sexual repertoire has become way more advanced with new forms of sexual pleasures adding up to the list. Today the “Ohhhs” and “Ahhhhs” have found a whole new connotation with “pleasure” involving something beyond physical touch and intimate coupling. The carnal catalogue is heated up with the concepts like Dreamgasm, Energygasm and Megagasmorgasmic perceptions that involve everything in your mind, body and soul.

So what are you waiting for? Strap in and enjoy the sexy ride right here!

Dreamgasm: You can go uncontrolled even in your sleep sans any physical stimulation. Yes! We are talking about Dreamgasm, an overwhelming situation when you can’t simply control the situation, but indulge in this purely intense moment. Encourage this delicious orgasm, come out, let the sexy thoughts be the last things on your mind as you delve deeper into wonderland. Hitting the sack with a full bladder in your subconscious state will transport you to an ecstatic world, which is sure to set you up for a fresh start the very next day.

Energygasm: Well, you might not like the complete “uncontrolled-ness” of the dreamgasm, but, what if you get the same ecstasy while being in the complete control of the scenario? We are talking about Energygasm. It does not involve painful orgies or physical stimulation, instead it’s about pleasurable sensation that takes you to a delightful world. To reach that ultimate point of pleasure, all you need is to simply free yourself from the constraints of inhibitions. Once done, let your body ripple with pleasurable thoughts, contract your pelvic muscles and start moaning in ecstatic pleasure until you feel that the much needed Energygasm completely washes over your body.

Megagasm: Today, when everything supersized is extremely favorable, the experience of Megagasm is definitely not an unwelcome scenario. It’s the sexual innuendo that’s probably unintended at times, but once it’s there, you simply can’t restrict yourself from indulging into it. It involves intense sexual intercourse produced by vigorous physical stimulation (vaginal, anal, BDSM, and everything that could stimulate you to the core). The orgasmic exercise involves the entire body along with a bit of sexual intercourse pain (which you simply can’t ignore), which further manifests into the potential release of the pleasure fluid. No doubt, it gives you a body-shuddering pleasure in which your mind will be figuratively blown away.

However, orgasm is all about a mind play and even when you are not getting any physical stimulation, you can easily get that perfect orgasm. According to Ann Summers, a leading British lingerie and sex toy brand, orgasm in men and women are triggered by different factors. But, it’s also true that too much of alcohol might kill the libido in men and for women it’s excessive stress. Hence, it’s really important to keep away from both of these, so that you can bring that ecstatic pleasure right on your bed. Also, take a look at the facts collected by Ann Summers about the perfect “triggers” that elicits pleasurable orgasm in both men and women.


  • Wine (24%)
  • Foreplay (24%)
  • Vibrator (35%)
  • A long term partner (45%)


  • Porn (35%)
  • Sex in two positions, preferably doggie style (31%) and woman on top (21%)
  • Lubricant (11%)
  • A long term partner (43%)

Wait no more. Stride into the world of ecstasy and plunge in the state of orgasmic pleasure as your soul longs forever.