Marijuana: A Cause for Chronic Gum Diseases

So, cigarettes were never your thing, because the pungent smell of tobacco makes you feel queasy.  Congratulations!  You are miles away from developing Lung Cancer, says the doctor.
But wait! Are you the one who gets high on weeds? Yes, there you are!
Well, the long term use of marijuana won’t get you any health problems that cigarettes do. But, it will give you freaky gum diseases including cancer.  After a few puffs (unlike a few pegs), when the melodious Mary Jane or Cannabis would start working on your strained muscles and lift your mood up enough so that you can easily let go off your perception of time and space, she’ll also make sure that you get red eyes, dry mouth, decayed tooth and of course a way up appetite.

Believe it or not, getting stoned has some weird side effects that can give you chronic health problems in the long run. Clinical studies have linked it up with poor oral health and weakened immunity. According to recent medical reports, the majority of patients suffering from periodontitis and oral cancer had a background of marijuana use for a considerable period of time. Although still Ganja is illegal in India, no government regulations could actually put a check to the increased use of Marijuana.

Based on the current findings, physicians have blamed marijuana for causing most of the oral diseases that are listed below:

Tooth Decay and Dry Mouth

Apparently, a dry mouth is not that much serious until it grows to be a chronic symptom. Weeds, whether smoked or ingested reduces the saliva secretion in the mouth. Smoking it frequently results in a condition called dry mouth or xerostomia. As in the dried up mouth, there’s no adequate saliva to wash away food and bacteria from teeth and gums, you will tend to get bad breath and sore mouth. Dry mouth is thus responsible for unhygienic oral health that eventually leads to tooth decay, if not treated promptly.

Gum Disease

Smoke, be it from cigarettes or from the weeds are likely to affect our gums. Reports say that marijuana smokers are at the highest risk of developing chronic gum disease or gingivitis. Weed’s smoke is extremely conducive for the multiplication of oral bacteria that often cause inflammation of the gum tissue and the bones that surround the teeth. If not treated in time, gingivitis eventually develops tooth decay or periodontitis.

Oral Cancer

Most of the oral cancer have roots in the benzopyrene, aromatic hydrocarbons, and nitrosamines found in the weeds. According to a study published in the January 2014 issue of “Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention“, pot smokers are highly prone to develop oral cancer due to their exposure to raw smoke. Moreover, the temperatures of marijuana smoke (especially the raw smoke of cannabis) strain the oral tissues, which further activates cellular changes. Which sooner or later, develop into potentially dangerous pre-cancerous lesions inside the mouth.

The Treatment

There are several treatment options for the marijuana induced gum diseases, but unfortunately, most of them are effective during the early stage of the disease.  In the advanced stages, no treatment options are actually helpful to cure these maladies.

And Before we Finish

Getting high on weeds has been happening from centuries. Alongside, its risk factors have increased at the same pace. Though it’s not associated with serious ailments like the tobacco does, frequent use of marijuana has also a fair share of weird side effects that usually turn out fatal, if not treated in time.