Go for Lungs Detox Even After You Quit Smoking

If you have been a regular smoker for quite a long time, it’s pretty likely that your lungs will be scarred. This will grossly affect the breathing process (by reducing the oxygen content in the body), and will result in weakened immune system that often becomes difficult to recover. Hence, a thorough process of lungs detox is essential to revive this vital organ. It’s the integral part of the breathing process and cleansing the lungs after smoking help the smoker to live a better life in the future.

The process of lungs detox start with an extensive change in the lifestyle. Since, lungs cleaning has nothing much to do with medicinal healing, you need to resort mainly on natural remedies. And, following the principles of natural healing requires a change of perspective and lifestyle. Take a look at the natural remedies that can help to heal the lungs of a smoker

Banish the Toxic Household Chemicals to Freshen Up Indoor Air

Probably you won’t believe that most of the toxicity comes from the cleaning products you use in your house. Cut down the usage of detergents, bleaches, cleansers and air fresheners, so as to ensure that you do not breathe in chemicals. Instead, plant as much trees as possible in the close vicinity of the house and install commercial air cleaners to get the indoor air freshen up.

Opt for Acupuncture and Lung Detoxification

Lungs cleansing for smokers involve acupuncture as a process of natural healing. Natural lungs detox is a process that involves the extensive use of Indian, American, Chinese, Ayurveda and European traditional medicine. Sauna and Acupuncture are supposed to have shown awesome results in the healing of lungs.

Natural Healing Through Regular Yoga

Performing yoga is a great way to detox your lungs. In fact, regular exercises have helped a lot in cleansing lungs after smoking. The process will allow you to breathe deep and naturally enhance your control and coordination over your body and mind.

Drinking Juice and Water

Drinking fresh fruit juice and water simplifies the process of lungs cleansing for smokers. It detoxify your health from within and cleanses your system of nicotine (especially when you are consuming lemon water). Cranberry juice also promotes lungs detox due to its huge reserve of antioxidants. Fruits and vegetable juice also helps you boost the immunity to several deadly disease connected to smoking.

The Last Minute Tip…

Before starting on with the natural remedies for lungs detox, do consult with your health care provider. Because you are implementing a complete dietary change, it’s important to get everything checked by your doctor, so that you can avoid any serious health hazard in the long run. Also, avoid the food or herbs that you are allergic to.