Lose weight in these effective fitness Classes

From Diwali to New Year’s Eve, the Holiday Season brings with it lots of parties and get-togethers, and tons of binging. From indulging in gulab-jamun and kaju burfi on Diwali to plum cakes and candies on Christmas, your diet is sure to take a hit during this festive time…unless you plan to up your lose weight game!

Here are 5 cool ways to stay on track with your how to lose weight goals by joining a group session that’s fun, festive and joyful at the same time! There really could be no better way to keep off Holiday Weight and enjoy yourself too…

  1. Dance

The best way to melt away all that extra fat as you move and sweat, dance classes are a lot of fun too. Dancing is an excellent form of cardio, while all those cool dance moves will also help you tone your muscles to make you look svelte and shapely. Salsa, Bachata, Belly Dancing, Samba or Bollywood Dancing – your choices are many. In fact, joining dance classes with friends makes for an excellent way to extend your social life as well!

  1. Boot Camps

These grueling camps are designed to push your body with rigorous workouts performed primarily outdoors. Live the life of an army recruit for a few hours, and watch all that Holiday weight melt away. If you lack motivation for exercise, there is nothing better than a drillmaster barking orders to get your adrenaline pumping!

  1. Aerial Yoga

A new and improved form of workout that combines yoga, dance, Pilates and calisthenics, Floating Yoga or Aerial Yoga is performed mid-air while suspended from a hammock-like structure. It’s rejuvenating and challenging at the same time, helps to lose weight and guarantees to burn away calories and improve core-strength with just a few sessions.

  1. HIIT Training

Move over Zumba and Pilates, now HIIT training is the new way to whip yourself back into shape within no time! In fact, it’s believed that 12 to 20 minute HIIT workouts are up to 9 times more effective for weight loss. You see the results quicker, and don’t have to commit long hours to stay fit this Holiday Season either. Win-win!

  1. Cycling Club

With cycling becoming a lot more popular in India, joining a cycling club is the ideal way to spend some time with friends and get fitter faster! The cooler temperatures with lots of sun are conducive to cycling along your city and burn extra calories while you enjoy the sights.