Keep Your Brain Active With MIND Diet

While a large number of scientists opine that the growing age results in the loss of brainpower, the scientists at Rush University Medical Center has something different to say. They have recently stated that consuming the right foods not only keeps your brain active, but also make it work like it’s almost a decade younger. In this connection, they have talked highly about the MIND Diet (simply defined as the apt diet for brain), which significantly improves the memory power, intelligence and power of reasoning of the human brain.

MIND (Mediterranean-DASH Diet Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) diet basically refers to a hybrid meal idea that keeps your brain healthy and active, in spite of your growing age. It is an effortless combination of DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension- foods that are heart healthy) and the Mediterranean diet. The experts at the Medical Council of the United States say, MIND and DASH diet together makes an awesome food for your brain.

According to a research conducted on a group of senior citizens (age above 80 years), MIND diet has exceptionally improved their cognitive abilities irrespective of their growing age and in many cases, more enhanced than those who are in their forties.

MIND Diet actually divides foods into 15 groups. Ten of these groups are good to eat. In fact, they are termed healthy brain foods which are essential to keep your brain active. The five other groups of food should have limited consumption (not more than once a week) because excess consumption of these foods can reduce your cognitive powers.

The brain-healthy foods of the MIND diet include:

Nuts: Consume five servings weekly.

Poultry: Poultry foods should be consumed twice a week.

Green leafy vegetables: Eat six or more servings in a week.

Beans: There should be three servings at least, per week.

Other vegetables: At least one serving daily is enough

Olive oil: Use olive oil instead of mustard oil in cooking or salad dressing.

Fish: Eat fish once a week.

Berries: There should be weekly two servings of berries.

Whole grains: Eat at least three servings per week.

Wine: A glass of wine daily keeps your brain active and powerful.

To keep your brain healthy, you must limit the consumption of the following foods, as represented in the MIND diet:

Red meat: Not more than two servings a week.

Sweet desserts: Avoid completely the consumption of pastries and desserts with excess of cream.

Butter or Margarine: Stick to a tablespoon daily.

Cheese: Less than a serving weekly.

Fried food: Cut the junks as much as possible.


The Toast for a Youthful Brain…

Recent studies reveal that wine (both red and white) is highly recommended as the brain-healthy food. Because Resveratrol, the amazing antioxidant found on the skin of grapes (since wine is prepared from grapes) is extremely beneficial to build a person’s cognitive abilities and at the same time it supports the hormone levels and fights cancer. No doubt, wine also contributes to a longer life.

Before We Finish…

While a MIND diet is all what you need to keep your brain healthy and active, doctors have also said that a little quantity of “cake” or “pastry” won’t undo the effects of the healthier foods you’re eating. So, don’t you need to feel like a slave while following a strict diet plan. All you need is to consume the brain healthy food as much as possible to keep your brain working on.