How to Keep Allergies at Bay This Halloween?

“Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble”

While this extract from Macbeth captures the true spirit of Halloween, it also points out the troubles associated with it. The season of scary settings, freakish costumes and of course a lot of candies is not always about fun, especially for kids that suffer from the frequent attack of infectious allergies.  So parents, keep an eagle eye on what the kids are eating, so that the festival season does not end up with something disastrous.

Let’s just waste no more time and talk about some easy ways to keep this Halloween safe for kids with food allergies.

See What’s Written On the Labels

With so many candies, it’s not always possible to check all the labels, but you can at least do this for the snack sized miniature candies. According to the FDA, most of the small candies come with “lecithin (soy)” or “whey (milk)”, which should be strictly prohibited as they are loaded with allergic properties. While checking the labels, check out the ingredient list thoroughly. If there’s any statement like “Contains soy/milk” or “May contain …” statements following the ingredient list, it’s better to avoid these. You can also check the ingredients of specific products online before adding them in the Halloween treat.

Keep Your Safety Supplies Handy

If your kid is frequented by food allergies, it’s important for you to keep the safety supplies at hand. Remember, it’s Halloween and your child may walk in the neighborhood, have fun at the school party or in a friend’s house and will eat anything without even knowing that it might cause him serious food allergies. Some children are also prone to the anaphylactic shock syndrome and in such cases, the immediate help is an epinephrine auto injector. In case of less severe allergies, you can use sanitizing wipes (good for contact allergies) and other medications provided by your doctor to reduce the allergic symptoms. In case your child starts feeling itchy or there’s any trouble related to breathing, rush to the emergency care immediately.

See the Costumes Too

Children prone to contact allergies can get it from the costumes too. Colorful Halloween costumes can get your kids various skin conditions including hives. Accessories such as swords, tiaras, cowboy belts and magic wands can set off allergic reactions due to the presence of nickel in them. It’s been found that most of the contact dermatitis in kids are caused by nickel. So, go for safe nickel free products. Also test the make-up of Halloween to ensure that it does not cause any serious reactions. Apply a small portion of your Halloween make up on skin few days prior to the event. Avoid using it, if there’ any breakouts following the usage.

And Finally…

Have a proper pre-Halloween planning and keep some handy tricks at your easiest access. It would be even better, if you can arrange the Halloween party at your place. That way you can be in charge of the treats. Consider raising allergy awareness by placing a teal colored pumpkin in front of your house.

Remember that Halloween is a festival of fun, frolic and happiness.  So let’s not spoil that vibe by falling sick.