How to Increase Breast Milk Production Naturally

One of the best formulas to catalyze milk production is to keep on nursing your baby. Making milk for your baby is better than any other procedure to produce milk naturally. The stimulating action of the nerves during breastfeeding helps to form more milk in the breasts. Milk stimulating foods are known as Galactagogues. You should initiate feeding your baby right from birth. This means that you need to take care of your health and strength to be able to feed baby, as well as help your body cell recover from the post-partum stress. There are many super foods that increase breast milk formation and enhance lactation. Breast milk is composed with all the major and minor nutrients required for an overall development and brain maturation of a newborn baby.

The most common natural breast milk boosters are:


Oats are loaded with energy and fiber, which is known for controlling the occurrence of gestational diabetes and also improves digestion and bowel movement. As Oatmeal doesn’t have any appetizing effect, so it is ideal for any breakfast meal.


Salmon is a rich source of EFA (Essential Fatty acids) and Omega-3 which are highly nutritious and essential for lactating mothers. Including salmon in your diet plan boosts lactation, hormonal balance and increase breast milk production.

Beet Leaves and Spinach:

Spinach and beet leaves have good quality of iron, calcium and folic acid, important for recovering anemic mothers. It also helps in making the good health formation for your baby. Spinach and beet leaves contain detoxifying agents. Include these leaf extract in a midday soup. Mix them with dough and make paratha or chapattis for a breast milk enriching healthy meal.


A glass of carrot juice with breakfast works wonders during lactation. Carrot juice contains Vitamin A which enhances lactation and improves the quality of your milk. You can have carrots as raw, boiled or even pureed into a soup.

Fennel Seeds:

Fennel seeds increase the quantity of your breast milk, improves digestion and help control baby-colic. Fennel seeds can be added as a flavoring agent in veg recipes. You can add them to your tea or boil a few seeds with milk and drink up anytime during the day.

Fenugreek Seeds:                                                                        

Fenugreek seeds are known for its efficiency to increase breast milk formation. Chew on the germinated fenugreek seeds along with a glass of milk also helps in alleviating post-delivery constipation.

Bottle Gourd:

The Bottle gourd is commonly not a preferred vegetable, but is high on nutrition benefits, which has high water content. Bottle gourd keeps a lactating mother hydrated. It also helps to enhance the milk quantity. Drink freshly-made bottle gourd juice helps to control raised blood sugar levels, post-delivery. However make sure it is fresh and not preserved.

Basil Leaves:

Basil leaves are a rich source of anti-oxidants, which not only increases breast milk, but it also boosts your little one’s immunity power.

Garlic: Garlic is considered the best food to catalase breast milk production, as it is well-known for increasing lactation in lactating mothers. Garlic has chemical components which help with lactation and obstruct all types of cancer.

Cause for Insufficient Breast Milk Production are:

  • Not getting enough rest
  • Ignoring your health during post-partum illness or any infection
  • Having too much caffeine
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol can also change the flavor of your breast milk
  • Being under too much stress
  • Using excessive amounts of herbs and spices
  • Starting birth control pills
  • Becoming pregnant again
  • Not paying attention to your diet

Tips for a Smooth Lactation:

  • Care your baby in a quiet room
  • Stay calm and positive
  • Follow the lactation diet plan mentioned above
  • Wrap warm cloths around your breasts
  • Burp your baby after each feed
  • Consult your doctor in case of any problem or discomfort to you or your baby
  • Breastfeed your baby on regular basis
  • Avoid worrying about your post-delivery obesity problem. This is the time to eat healthy so eat for yourself and your precious baby. Follow the ways to increase breast milk.