Important Numbers Elders Should Store In Their Phones

As senior citizens, a lot of elderly moms start to feel a lot more dependent on their children. However, when a moment of crisis actually arises, it is very important to be able to reach out to the right person. This may not just be a crisis involving you, but could also be a crisis involving your spouse, the kids or even your home.With easy-to-handle smartphones, it becomes simpler to keep must-have important numbers on your speed dial list. Be sure to include the following:

 All Numbers as Well as Alternate Numbers of Your Children

You may have the mobile numbers and even home landline numbers for your kids. But what when your child is at work, busy in a meeting with their cellphone switched off, and you have an emergency? Make sure you also keep with you the number for your child’s workplace, so that it gets easier to get in touch in a crisis.

 The Landline as Well as Mobile Number of Your Doctor

With old age come a plethora of diseases, illnesses and weaknesses resulting from degeneration. Keep the phone number of your GP handy, especially if you are prone to anxiety at the first sign of illness. Since maintain good health becomes even more imperative in old age, put your mind at ease by being able to talk to your physician about any worrisome ache, pain or swelling.

 All Contact Details for Specialist

If you see a specialist (or two) because of age-related diseases, keep the phone numbers for your doctors handy. Whether you are under the care of a heart specialist, endocrinologist for Diabetes, or Orthopaedist for arthritis, you should be able to get in touch with the specialist if you notice any worrying changes in your condition.

 A Couple of Emergency Services India

Be it a medical emergency, a fire or a crisis, emergency services India will come to your aid a lot faster than anyone else. Even if you suspect that you need to reach the emergency room, these emergency service providers will become a faster transport than anything else. This is extremely important if you have several illnesses and are on a truck-load of medications, many of which can have fatal interactions with each others.

 The Caregiver as Well as The Backup

Your caregiver or nurse must also be a part of this must-have speed dial list. In case you need a caregiver round the clock, it’s important to have a backup, and having this phone number ensures that you don’t waste any time reaching out to the personal care attendant in times of need. Don’t have a backup? Then make sure that you have the phone number of your closest neighbour who is reliable and available at home throughout the day. In case of a crisis where immediate assistance is imperative, this person can come to your aid a lot faster than your children can get back home from office.

As senior citizens, it pays off to be well-organized, especially since you cannot blindly depend on your sharp memory anymore. Armed with this list of phone numbers, you are well prepared for any emergency situation.