Are You a Mosquito Magnet?

Ever wondered, why the constant swarm of mosquitoes seems to follow you always? Wherever you go, the pests like to frantically feast on your blood.  But, surprisingly, you notice the others in your closest vicinity are completely unfazed.  Is it that mosquitoes have certain preferences when it comes to suck human blood and how dangerous is this mosquito bites?

Well, the answer is “Yes”.  “Mosquitoes have bloodsucking preferences”, say the experts at the American Mosquito Control Association. Unlike their male counterparts (males don’t bite) female mosquitoes suck human blood to develop the fertile eggs and that’s where the blood preference of the pests matters the most.

If you seem to be too irresistible to these little bugs, anyone of the following can be the reason of it.

You Are Pregnant

Research says mosquitoes have the strongest lure for carbon dioxide.  They can detect the gas in the environment through special nerve receptors.  According to a study published in the year 2002, pregnant women (especially during the gestational age of 28 weeks) are likely to exhale 21% more carbon-dioxide than the normal women and that’s the reason why they attract twice as many mosquitoes than their non-pregnant peers. Scientists have also speculated that the volatile odors that the gestational women are likely to emit are attractive to the female mosquitoes.

You Sweat a Lot

Do all your workouts inside this summer, if you are always dripping with sweat. Mosquitoes have a special attraction for people who sweat too much. Why? Because a vigorous physical activity releases an optimum amount of uric and lactic acid, which immediately attracts female mosquitoes. Moreover, when you are sweating heavily, your body temperature tends to get higher, which also plays a major role in attracting the mosquitoes. Warmth creates a favorable condition for the mosquitoes to suck blood from the human body.

You Belong to the O-Blood Group

The blood running in your veins has a lot to do with the preferences of the mosquitoes. In fact, you are going to be extra special for the bloodsuckers, if you belong to the Type O blood group.  People with Blood Group O are likely to emanate certain odors that mosquitoes usually find attractive.

You Are a True Beer Lover  

Believe it or not, booze might lead to more mosquito bites. Experts believe, beer consumption consistently increase your susceptibility to mosquito bite. Although, there’s no such  study that confirms the  association of alcohol with  mosquito bites,  it’s  true that alcohol raises body temperature and in some cases make you sweat. Both these factors are considered ideal for mosquito bites.

You Are Genetically Attractive to the Female Mosquitoes

While no scientific study actually  validates the genetic  association  with  mosquito bite,  some researches  have suggested that the underlying genetic  mechanism  plays a  role in  determining the  blood sucking preferences of these pests.  There are certain elements in the human body which tend to attract mosquitoes more often than not. Alternatively, some people are blessed with natural mosquito repellents on their body. No doubt, such a trait can be genetically controlled.

Keep the Buggers at Bay…

If you are a mosquito magnet for any of the above mentioned reasons, try this advice from the experts to keep the buggers at bay. Apply an effective mosquito repellent that contains DEET to create a barrier between your skin and the biting mosquitoes.