How to Become Thin in 4 Easy Ways after A C-Section?

Most of us are aware of the fact that post pregnancy a lot of weight shedding needs a lot of exercise and physical activity. But most C-section deliveries are complicated and need careful supervision. These are stressful times for the mother and the body post a C section operation takes time to heal and recover. How to become thin after a cesarean operation, you ask? The answer lies in adequate rest and gradual physical activity that will help heal wound infections, body swelling and prolonged back ache.

You cannot lose the weight overnight and the body takes time to heal after a good nine months of putting on weight. You need to be patient in a post pregnancy weight loss regimen. A lot of mothers often develop a post C-section stomach pouch. This can be an eye sore! So here is how you can beat it:

  1. Start off with breast feeding: This is a very good way to begin your weight loss story post birthing. The extra belly fat often disappears when you feed your child. Nursing will help you bond with your baby and also help you lose 850Kcal of weight per day. Breast feeding often leads to the release of Oxytoxin hormone that helps the Uterus contract and reduces post delivery bleeding. You may be sleep deprived while feeding, but it will surely help you lose the extra fat gained.
  2. Try and snack often, albeit healthily: It is often a misconception to believe that mothers and pregnant women need to eat for two people. In fact only 300 to 500 calories are needed extra for the mother to feed her newborn. Choose foods that are great in nutrients and low in fat and carbohydrates. Snacking right and eating fruits is always great. Take the minimum amount of salt in your food so that the swelling in various parts of the body disappears. Fish and lean meat, beans and fruits are good for you to lose weight easily. Eat proteins and fibers, legumes and fluids. That’s the answer to healthy weight loss post C-section!
  3. Indulge in safe Detox: You can indulge in a water detox to boost your organ and liver function along with the kidneys. Drinking water at regular intervals, doctors believe, will help you achieve a flat tummy after a C-section. Some detoxes are way too restrictive. They could leave you malnourished and it is wise to take in some advice before you indulge in one. Lemon water and honey along with baked fish and dandelion tea are a great way of losing weight after a C-section.
  4. Try out a postpartum girdle or support belt: These belts often help the belly and the lower back to rest after surgery and childbirth. They help in tightening the abdominal muscles and helps vitally in removing fat. A lot of compression and firm binding is always good for sagging flesh around the middle area.

How to become thin easily post C-section delivery?

Pregnancy often takes a toll on the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. A C-Section often puts a lot of stress on the lower portion of the body. How to become thin without too many complications, you ask? Start walking slowly but steadily and do low impact upper body exercises while sitting down. You will gradually see the difference and make a good dent in your body weight!



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