Hangover Remedies: 8 Expert Tips That Work

Although the best way to avoid a hangover is to lay off the booze, that’s apparently impossible with peers around you. At times, it’s too easy to get overboard, even though you are not the one who usually indulge in heavy drinking. That’s the time, when you need hangover remedies that actually work.

Keeping this in mind, we reached out to the experts to find some good cures that are viable and offer a quick fix to some of the most annoying hangover symptoms including headaches, nausea, dizziness and others.

Read on to explore what’s exactly work to nix the annoying hangover phase.

Before You Drink

Hours before you start drinking some protective measures have to be followed to keep the hangover symptoms at bay. Here’s what you must do.

Stuff yourself with multivitamins

Hangovers are not the aftermath of dehydration. Instead the main issues are oxidative stress and inflammation that often make you bloated. Dr. Jason Burke, M.D. (an anaesthesiologist who has treated over 20,000 hangovers) said that antioxidants offer the best help to alleviate this setback. So swallow some extra multivitamin, or drink pomegranate or acai juice before you go out for a binging spree.

Grab a burger instead of a salad

Since hangover is directly proportional to how you metabolize alcohol, it’s important to see what you are eating actually, says Elizabeth Kovacs, Ph.D., director of the Alcohol Research program at Loyola University. She suggests a meal containing fats, carbs, and protein- before your first sip of alcohol.

Dr. Burke, who has also been referred above, however, suggests a meal with red meat, because the high concentration of B Vitamins and amino acid in the meat easily process the by-products of the alcoholic drinks.

Rest as much as you can

Sleep won’t save you from getting a hangover, but an exhausted body will make the hangover even worse. Dr. Kovacs suggests enough sleep before a wild party, because a tight sleep improves immunity for handling the intoxicating night laced with heavy drinking.

During the Drink

Hangovers are pretty obvious, if you are indulging on heavy drinking.  But the following tips can help to mitigate the symptoms.

Avoid Champagne

Dr. Burke says the bubbles of champagne accelerates the alcohol absorption, which gets you drunk even faster. So, avoid it as long as you can, to enjoy your drink.

Gulp some Sports Drink or May be Coconut Water

Chugging water in between the cocktails surely wards off dehydration, but the method becomes more effective if you are having a glass of coconut water or sports drink for this purpose. According to Dr. Kovacs, these drinks can fast replace the fluids and electrolytes that you tend to lose due to alcohol intake.

Stick with clear liquor

Clear liquors like gin and vodka have lesser impurities than whiskey and rum, says Dr. Burke. A large peg of vodka splurged with fruit juice (instead of soda mix) would keep you far away from worse hangover.

Before Hitting the Bed

This is a critical phase, when your habits can give you the worst hangovers. But, some preventive measures can lessen the outcomes of post-alcohol phase.

Don’t overdo the water

Alcohol fills you with excessive risky liquid, which dehydrates you. But Kovacs said that gulping lot of water before hitting the bed will give you frequent bathroom runs.  This will mess up with your much needed sleep. Instead, have a glass of water, because that’s all you need to keep your body hydrated during the post partying night hours.

Pop an Ibuprofen

Dr. Burke said, Ibuprofen directly attacks the inflammation caused by alcohol. Thus, you are less likely to get that bad headaches following the alcohol overdose. Avoid painkillers because it affects your liver and kidneys when taken immediately after alcohol.

When we talk about hangover remedies here, we are basically discussing the preventive measures suggested by the experts.  Getting overindulged is often easy, but these hangover prevention tips can keep you miles away from getting a pounding head the very next morning.

A Last Minute Tip

Eat a non-oily poached egg or a boiled one to prevent the hangover headaches. Eggs contain cysteine that breaks down the headache causing toxins, which is also another by produced secreted by our body, during alcohol intake.