Wishing Away Your Winter Skin Woes to Perfect Radiance? Here are Handy Tips for Every Skin Type!

“Sure, my life isn’t perfect but my skincare is” goes an old Hollywood beauty quip. The quest for a ‘glowing’ life seems all too certain when you have perfect skin, or so goes the saying.

With the winter ceremoniously knocking on doors, the autumnal sun is fast retreating with wintry gusts proving to be a quagmire! Stress can often make your skin dry. Excited and stressed or happy and poised, your skin reflects your life style. Meticulous daily care aside, you can wish away all your skin problems this season.

With moisture sucking and dryness inducing skin problems, winter catches you off guard every single year! While super grade exfoliants and beauty masks may temporarily enhance your natural beauty, wishing away wrinkles seems a strenuous and tall ask, or is it?Here are our expert remedies for all skin types to renew the suppleness this dry season.

Oily Skin Troubles

Does patchiness mask your true skin radiance? Did anyone order a mirror? Laughing off oily skin or sloughing off the dead and dry skin cells painstakingly are not your only worries. Oily skin produces a large quantity of sebum that can make you feel greasy and sticky all day long. With the T zone being ground zero for blackheads, you may feel uncomfortable with makeup. How to keep oily skin healthy without stripping yourself of the natural oils? Starlet or average plain Jane, our skin care can throw up a plethora of options. Gently exfoliate with scented oils and use a moisturizer that is organic and not perfumed. Hot water with tea tree oils makes up as a nice astringent and helps the skin stay soft and presentable. With a lot of hydration, oily skin will not let you tank under the weight of skin distress and with shiny patches.

Wonder what’s in for Normal Skin?

Once winter hits, normal skin wakes up to a harsh reality—less sebum production. To restore the skin’s natural barrier, you should use a cream based oil cleanser that can moisturize the skin and replenish the natural oils. Use a cream that has a combination of glycerin, hyaluronic acid and ceremides. All these help hydrate your skin and prevent damage to the skin. Use a vitamin C serum that helps in retaining skin elasticity and boosting collagen synthesis. The repair mechanisms in normal skin can be boosted by using a collagen cream. Boosting the repair mechanisms in normal skin can be addressed by using a collagen cream.

Winter Skin Care

Do-it-yourself For Dry Distress

Central heating and steaming hot showers are a complete no for dry skin. Tightness and chapping are common for dry skin. It is thus often prescribed that you shun truck loads of products that claim to offer you remedies. In the blustering months ahead, your dry skin needs adequate levels of water and a SPF cream that can protect the complexion. Do not use exfoliators that contain hard beads as those might hurt your sensitive skin. The best do-it-all skin products are the beauty balms that nourish and hydrate the skin. Use creams that have high levels of wild rose hip oil – a potent antioxidant that can repair and clear dry skin. You can also use enriching agents that can restore natural radiance in no time.

Cures for Combination Skin

Combination skin is the hardest to manage during winters. All you need is some expert skin care that uses emollients and unclogging creams that make your feel hydrated and not clogged up. Use a humidifier that helps your skin breathe and remain bright. Do not use thick cosmetics and let the skin to stay vibrant and healthy. You can also use absorbent clay masks that work as a mattifier in shine and blackhead prone areas. Healthy oils when massaged on face help trap the moisture and leads to a satiny radiance.

Effortless Winter Care Made Easy

Winters can up the luminosity of your skin. If you use a Vitamin E body mist, you can see the results in a matter of days. If you spritz it, chances of you getting a dry skin are high as the splash of water may just leave your skin drier. We recommend that you use a mister with an emollient such as glycerin and Vitamin E, which will counter dryness and dehydration, and leave you with a fragrant skin.

Wallow in some Wonderful Natural Products

Winters often lead to redness and itchy skin in all skin types. Aloe Vera can be a big help when mixed with jojoba oil. The mixture offers a lipid barrier to counter moisture loss. Facial sunscreen that is gel based and can be applied with a sponge on the face and hands can actually help it penetrate the skin. Beautiful skin always needs to be protected from harmful UV rays. Jasmine extracts are soothing oils that are rich with antioxidants. This flower extract conditions the skin and gives it a healthy glow. Jasmine when mixed with Argan oil can reap glowing benefits for your body and face.

Homemade cleansers are useful in retaining the glow in your skin. To reveal your true self sans black heads and dead skin, mix milk with homemade cleansers made of chickpea flour, turmeric powder, camphor and sandalwood and put the paste on your skin.

Homemade hydrating masks can offer you much needed moisture in the winter months. Mix avocado and yogurt in honey, and add almond oil. Apply this cream and paste on your skin for 10-30 minutes. This will give you a fresher and softer skin in the dry months.

Why less is more in winters?

Winters are all about looking fresh and good, vibrant and colorful. Nevertheless, in these months, most people find it difficult to clean the skin post a party. Use a face wash or a gel cleanser that gunk off the dirt, make up congestion and preps up the skin post a session. Normal skin types can use calendula foaming face washes while people with dry skin can use a creamy face cleanser. Sensitive skin needs gentle loving and chamomile and oats seems to be an excellent combination when cleaning make up. Lay off liquor in winters. With alcohol having negative effects on your skin, it makes sense to avoid it completely for a healthy glow.

Controlled temperatures without humidifiers, dermatologists stress, often lead to dryness in winters. As a happy skin enthusiast well-versed in the winter skin care regimen, know that blasts of hot air may not be your panacea for healthy winter skin! So avoid heated areas. Blow away the chagrins of weather and usher in a healthy glowing skin this winter! “Have the fun, smile and keep putting on the lipstick”.

When you have your say!

Winters might just throw up that special surprise this year. Let your skin be the revealer of rapacious pamper! Forget dry winds and hot toddies, even scratchy hands may be passé thanks to these easy fixes from us. Say goodbye to prickly skin and face.