Green Tea Benefits Before Sleep

The bounties of green tea benefits remain no mystery to the modern generation. However most of you health savvy people may not be aware of the fact that drinking green tea before bed can yield some positively affective results!

For ages, green tea benefits for weight loss have been clearly documented, and research also suggests that it can boost the immune system, help the body heal, reduce risk of chronic diseases, keep premature aging at bay and so much more. You know all this, and you enjoy a cup of green tea with your morning breakfast. But, is there any special reason you should also indulge in a cup before bedtime? Let’s find out!

It Calms The Mind

A cup of green tea before bed will improve your mood and the L-theanine present in green tea has anti-anxiety effects as well as unique ability to increase attention and make you feel drowsy at the same time.

It Improves Natural Immunity

While we sleep, the body heals and repairs itself. Green tea contains a polyphenol called EGCG, a powerful antioxidant. It boosts your immunity and indulging in a warm cup of sleepy time tea can reduce the risk of flu by 75%.

It Boosts Metabolism

The concept of green tea before bed weight loss is no myth. Green tea, especially if consumed before going to bed can boost up the metabolic level in a shorter period which helps to lose weight.

It Aids Healthy Digestion

Suffer from constipation several times a week? The mildly laxative and diuretic properties of a cup of green tea before bed time ensure that you’ll wake up ready to eradicate all toxins from your body.

So, there you have it! Going to bed at 10pm after having a cup of tea in your pyjamas may just be the key to a good night’s sleep.