Good Dental Hygiene Tips for Nighttime

Eight hours is a lot of time for something to happen- especially when bacteria are gathering on your teeth while you are at sleep. But nevertheless, don’t let tartar, cavity, nasty plaque, gingivitis or any other oral disease symptoms deter you from getting a good night’s sleep. There are several ways to maintain a healthy oral health even while you are asleep. Follow the dental hygiene tips properly.
Here are a few of them to keep you and your mouth healthy throughout the night.

  1. The first and the foremost thing is- BRUSH BEFORE BED. Brushing before going off to sleep aids in protecting our teeth against buildup of plaque, eliminate gum disease and tooth decay. If you are particularly vulnerable to gum, cavity and other oral health diseases, it is recommended that you must brush your teeth immediately once after the dinner, then again once more just before bedtime.
  2. With a little money, switch to an electric toothbrush. The oscillating and rotating movement of the head of an electric toothbrush is much more effective in removing plaques than any regular toothbrush. Always be sure to buy an electric toothbrush that you feel easy and comfortable to hold, and has an oscillating-rotating head to improve oral health related quality of life.
  3. Don’t just brush, but also floss. Flossing is an effective technique that helps in removing plaque buildup and food particles, while they are still soft. This is advised, since when the remains of foods and debris rests on your teeth, bacteria infestation often increases throughout the night hours which feeds on them, while you’re fast asleep. Moreover, if plaques in the teeth are allowed to harden, they results into tartar, which can only be cleaned and removed by dentists with the help of professional dental cleanup. While for normal people flossing before bedtime is considered fine, but in case you are prone to tartar buildup and other secondary gum diseases, it is recommended that you should also floss during the morning.
  4. Mouthwash is not only meant for bringing fresh breath. There are several therapeutic mouth washes those that contains medicated ingredients, which helps in strengthening the teeth. Rinsing the mouth after meals, also aids in keeping the gums safe from diseases like gingivitis. Before buying the mouthwash, it’s best to consult a dentist, since most of the cosmetic mouthwashes, don’t contribute to oral health, other than masking bad breath.
  5. Remain alert that you don’t grind your teeth while asleep. If you experience increased tooth sensitivity, worn tooth enamel or torn cheek tissues, you are more vulnerable to tooth grinding in your sleep. In case of acute nighttime teeth grinding issues, dentists can also recommend their patients a mouth guard that they can put on at night, to protect their oral health issues and take care of dental hygiene.

Last but not the least, always schedule a dental checkup and cleaning, to keep your gum and teeth healthy over time. Always remember, maintenance and preventive care are one of the most important factors for a good nighttime and daytime dental hygiene tips.